205 Live Recap: Episode 127

Last week on 205 Live: Drew Gulak broke his own code when he decided to go off the top rope. Humberto Carrillo won his grudge match against Gulak. Oney Lorcan lost to “Undefeated in 2019” Ariya Daivari. Oney Lorcan looks like he could lose a few teeth.

Cold Open

Tony Nese video package about how he tests himself against the very best. His character is that he likes to wrestle good wrestlers. Drew Gulak video package abut how his blueprint for a better 205 Live hasn’t played out, but he has a match against Tony Nese tonight and that one opportunity will not be taken for granted.

The Singh Brothers vs. Lucha House Party

  • Singh Brothers show up with some new gear and glasses. They are wearing flamboyant gear and cutting a really good promo about how they’ve wrestled world champions and are going to bring 205 into the future. Lots of ass shaking and annoying dancing. Their gear has tassles too!
  • Also, there is a four man booth tonight. Aiden English, Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and David Otunga. No idea why that is.
  • The Singh Brothers wrestled one match on 205 Live, the first episode. They won, so they are the only undefeated team on 205. Commentary are talking about the Singhs mainly and really putting them over.
  • The crowd isn’t really reacting to the match. Singh brothers are doing some good wrestling while taunting at any chance they get. A small “lucha” chant that doesn’t do much. Gran Metalik is trying so hard to get the crowd into it.
  • Aiden English had a horrible joke “Between the dancing and destruction we’ve seen tonight, this is starting to look like Monday nights, we could call these guys the Bolly Raiders” and then there was dead silence for about five seconds. It was tremendously bad.
  • Lince has been getting beat down the majority of the match. Dorado went for a tag but Metalik was taken out. Lince was able to hit his Golden Rewind move and that lead to the opportunity to get the hot tag.
  • Metalik is on fire here and hitting tons of exciting moves, to little reaction from the crowd. This match would be so much better if there was some noise. It’s sad.
  • The match breaks down, near falls happen on both sides. Metalik hits that Xavier Woods elbow drop where it isn’t from the corner but the ropes. Then Dorado hit a shooting star press and they win.

And I’m Like… Strange. Singh Brothers are basically debuting, they have a great look and annoying personalities, they had a hook of “still undefeated” and it all gets nerfed. Like, why would you do this to them? Lucha House Party loses all the time. I guess this is a “wait and see where it goes”.

Humberto Carrillo and his dimples talk with Drake Maverick backstage. Drake tells Humberto to stay clear from Drew Gulak. Then Jack Gallagher walks in and apologizes to Humberto for past actions and challenges Carrillo to a match, like a gentleman.

So this happened. There isn’t much to write about. I feel like Mike’s character has changed a lot post Wrestlemania. The crowd doesn’t react because the majority of them don’t know who these guys are and even more don’t know the storyline. Really feel like it would help the live crowd if they got small video packages before the matches. At least give them an incentive to cheer and boo.

Ariya Daivari cuts a Twitter promo

Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese

  • It’s good that Tony Nese’s song has what sounds like a lot of people singing at the beginning. It masks the lack of crowd reaction. Tony is definitely smiling more and high fiving more.
  • Tony and Drew start off the match rather aggressively and Nese immediately targets Drew’s arm.
  • Drew is trying to out wrestle Tony but Tony is able to tumble with Gulak. You can see Drew trying to figure out a plan on how to gain the advantage.
  • Gulak pushes Nese into the corner and lands a heavy slap. Drew smiles while Tony registers the blow. That fired Tony up to hit some agile offense coupled with some strikes.
  • The crowd is starting to react to the match after Tony Fosbury Flop’s onto Drew Gulak.
  • The second act of the match starts and Gulak starts showing off his submission game. Tony is able to fight out of it.
  • A cool little spot happens when Drew goes for a sunset flip and it looked like their timing was off, but what really happened was Tony jumped to the side so he could hit a running knee to Gulak’s head while Gulak was reaching in the air.
  • Drew is able to get an advantage again and go right back to torturing Nese with submissions and strikes.
  • Nese and Gulak end up fighting on the top rope with Nese being able to hit a top rope hurricanrana, but Tony landed HARD on his knee. Nigel is really worried about it, talking about how bad the landing was.
  • It was Tony’s right knee an he isn’t really selling it now, meaning that he really hurt his knee on that hurricanrana.
  • Drew is selling his ribs a bit and we are starting to get some good counter wrestling and near falls. Both men tumble over the top rope attempting a suplex and they are laid out.
  • They are both fighting out of the ring now. Tony Nese could have won the match by countout but he rolled Gulak into the ring to get the honorable pin. Drew kicks out at two and it feels like we are entering act three.
  • Nese climbs to the top rope and pulls Gulak up there too. Nese almost falls off the top rope and both men are really tired and this is really dangerous. You can see them talking to each other a bit.
  • Gulak hits a top rope gutbuster! It looks like it destroyed Drew’s leg. That move was nuts.
  • A strike battle ensues after Nese kicked out. Tony is looking like he as no fight left, until he digs deep and fights back.
  • Tony hits a huge forearm, then misses a 450 splash. Gulak gets the Gu-lock on. Nese is trying to slip his head out of the hold. Nese ends up walking up the ropes to turn it into a nearfall.
  • Drew gets German suplexed into the corner, Tony goes for a the running Nese but Drew counters with a lariat. ANOTHER NEAR FALL. Wow this match is really good.
  • More counters and Nese ends up hitting a GROSS looking German into the turnbuckles again, then hits a running Nese for the win.

And I’m Like.. That match really hit another gear towards the end. I was worried once Buddy Murphy left the show because he always delivered. The same way I felt about Ali when he left, and Cedric. The reality is, everytime this roster gets a chance to step up. They do it. Very fun match.

205 Live is somewhat in a rebuilding phase after losing their top three stars this year. The roster hasn’t changed much, just Singh Brothers, Oney Lorcan and Humberto Carrillo. So Ali, Alexander and Murphy have all been replaced. Really excited for the future of the brand.

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