NXT Recap: Episode 504

Last week on NXT: Another Jaxson Ryker match that wasn’t on the YouTube, this time The Forgotten Sons were fought off by Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch and Humberto Carrillo. Candice LaRae and Kacy Catanzaro defeated Bourne Boujee in their debut match as a tag team. The War Raiders and Street Profits had an amazing match that almost had me thinking that the Street Profits would become tag team champions. Johnny Gargano beat Roderick Strong and then Undisputed Era came down but Matt Riddle came to help Johnny. Quite a feud brewing.

Cold Open

A hype video for Kushida. They have really been pushing this. It’s nice that Kushida is being treated like a major star.

Forgotten Sons vs. Humberto Carrillo, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan

  • Forgotten Sons just seem like assholes. Like they are the dudes at the bar that are purposefully loud and obnoxious and then get in anyone’s face who looks at them the wrong way. Great heels, I hate them.
  • Lorcan knocks Cutler and Blake to the outside, he gets ready for a dive but Ryker gets in the way. Carrillo and Burch run and knock Ryker down and tell Oney to go for it. Lorcan jumps and takes out all the Sons.
  • This match is really well put together. Just from a visual stand point. You can tel who to boo and who to cheer just based on composure and look.
  • Carrillo gets caught by Ryker and is soon getting beat up by The Forgotten Sons. Innovative offense by the Sons too, Carrillo is draped over the middle rope and then Ryker hip tosses Blake onto Carrillo’s back.
  • Carrillo is really getting worked over and has a few attempts at a hot tag and finally gets it. Burch comes in wrecking shop, but this must be the end of the taping because the crowd is dead.
  • Danny ends his sequence with a crossface on Cutler, Ryker comes in and just starts attacking Burch. Carrillo jumps off the top rope and missile dropkicks Ryker.
  • Carrillo goes to dive onto Cutler but Ryker shoves Oney into Cutler and Carrillo lands on Lorcan.
  • Danny is left alone in the ring against all three members of The Forgotten Sons. The ref is really lax on the rules. Danny tries fighting them all but he can’t. Carrillo goes for a save but gets caught.
  • Double team move after double team move into a triple team move on Burch and Carrillo. Burch is pinned after that onslaught.

And I’m Like… Forgotten Sons are supposed to be like a band of brothers. Which is what makes their tag team matches work so well. They are a well oiled machine, always in the right place, always able to take advantage. They aren’t the strongest, smartest, most athletic team in NXT. But they could be the best based on teamwork and killer instinct.

Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir get stopped while walking into the building by Queen Cathy. Well they don’t really stop, they make Cathy walk with them. That is until Cathy points out that Io has pinned Shayna but Shayna hasn’t pinned Io. Shayna knocks the mic out of Cathy’s hand and walks away.

Video footage of a confrontation wit Bianca Belair and Mia Yim. Shout out to Stokley Hathaway in the background.

Mansoor vs. Dominik Dijakovic

  • Mansoor just made his debut on NXT UK earlier today and now is on NXT television. That’s pretty cool. I remember watching him in a small documentary on Hoodslam and their anime wrestling show.
  • Look to see Mansoor on the upcoming Saudi Arabia shows, seeing as how he is the first WWE Saudi wrestler.
  • Dijakovic really needs to get called up so he can drop Dominik from his name. Still not sure what his gimmick is, but he had a banger of a match against Luke Harper on the Worlds Collide show.
  • Dijakovic goes for a spinning boot to the face but Mansoor is able to dodge it and we have a bit of a match on our hands.
  • It looks like Dijakovic wants to end it quickly, like he does with most opponents that he doesn’t see as competition. Mansoor seems to be a bit tougher than most.
  • Tat is until Dijakovic throws Mansoor out of the ring, like viciously throws him. Mansoor looks like he broke his leg but he is fine… shockingly, he is fine.
  • Dijakovic starts the manhandling that he thought he could do earlier in the match.
  • Mansoor keeps fighting though, keeps kicking out. Really showing his heart in this match. He does really good at garnering sympathy.
  • Mansoor starts getting a choke on Dijakovic. Then throws Dijakovic into the corner. The crowd is firmly behind him. Mansoor is posing quite the comeback. That is until Dijakovic literally puts his foot down.
  • Mansoor is really showing something though. Like, he is very impressive.
  • Dijakovic hits the Feast Your Eyes and wins the match.

And I’m Like… WHY WASN’T THIS ON YOUTUBE? This match was very impressive and a lot of fun. I am instantly a fan of Mansoor. Dijakovic did work in that match too. Can’t put that match over enough. Mansoor is gonna be great on 205 Live.

Words can’t describe this. What even is the Dream right now? He is channeling his first persona.

Image result for patrick clark

A recap of Gargano beating Roderick after Adam accidentally hit Strong. The Undisputed Era are cutting their promo in the back of an 18 wheeler. Then Adam said Roddy dropped the ball last week and Strong just walks away. Bobby says Adam’s timing is awful and Kyle stays with Adam…

Kassius Ohno vs. Kushida

  • Kushida’s entrance has a countdown and smoke and blue lights. It’s pretty cool, I wonder how long it took to come up with that entrance. Crowd is excited.
  • “Kushida” chant to start the match while Nigel calls it a dream match up.
  • Commentary are really putting over both men during the feeling out process. How Ohno is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to wrestling and Kushida is a 12 year veteran that is a master of his craft.
  • Kushida begins to frustrate Ohno by out wrestling him. Kassius came in over confident and was overwhelmed quickly.
  • Ohno got his bearings and tries to outwrestle Kushida. They are matched in ability. Earlier in the match Kushida went for a handshake and Ohno was having none of it. Now Ohno drops to one knee and tries to shake Kushida’s hand. Kushida fell for it and got booted in the face.
  • Ohno is staying in control of the match, going so far as to bust Kushida’s nose open.
  • Breaking a nose in the debut match is a great sign. That only happened to one other wrestler on NXT. Kevin Owens.
  • Kushida is able to get an advantage, lands some kicks on Ohno and drops Kassius to one knee. Kushida grabs Ohno’s hand and shakes it.
  • Kushida went for a handspring back elbow but gets caught with an elbow to the back of the head. The match is turning into a back and forth strike battle.
  • Kushida gets the Hoverboard Lock on and gets the win after Kassius taps out.

And I’m Like… This was a great match. Told a great story of Kushida being disrespected for being smaller and earning respect by the end of the match. What a debut. Really excited for his future. Hopefully the theme music changes.

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