205 Live Recap: Episode 123

Last week on 205 Live: Humberto Carrillo went for a top rope move to help his team of Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher and himself win, Drew talked him out of it, causing a distraction and allowing Lucha House Party to win. Oney Lorcan is the newest member of 205 Live and already has a weird feud with Cedric Alexander over a dropped sweatshirt.

Cold Open

Drake Maverick hypes up the Cruiserweight championship match at Wrestlemania. It’s both Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy’s first Wrestlemania. Tonight will feature Kalisto vs. Oney Lorcan, Akira Tozawa and Mike Kanellis will have a rematch after Mike picked up the victory with Maria’s help. Also a face-to-face with Murphy and Nese.

The championship match will be on the kick off.

Oney Lorcan vs. Kalisto w/ Lucha House Party

  • Lucha House Party starts the show talking about how they are gonna throw a Lucha House Party and then try the catchphrase “It’s Lucha Time!”.
  • Oney faces the hard camera while in the ring, unzips his sweatshirt to show his t-shirt. Oney Rules.
  • Oney starts the match off with vicious strikes, while looking like someone who has to poop so bad they are to the point of sweating.
  • Kalisto is just getting the crap kicked out of him and the crowd is near silent. It’s an uncomfortable beating.
  • There is a dude in a white hat in the audience over reacting to everything, maybe trying too hard to get on camera.
  • They just cut away from the match to show Buddy Murphy walking backstage, hilarious!
  • Kalisto has welts on his chest now. The camera really closes in on Kalisto’s chest while he is trapped in a leg scissors by Oney.
  • As Lorcan holds a headlock in, the camera shows us a close up of referee Charles Robinson’s elbow. It is really red and beat up. I never thought about it, but every near fall the ref’s usually land on their elbows. No elbow pads either. Get Lil Naitch some lotion.
  • Kalisto tries for a comeback but Oney was able to fight back. Kalisto finally hit a basement-rana. Kalisto taunted instead of continuing his offense and paid for it by way of an Oney Lorcan uppercut.
  • Kalisto and Oney fought from the ring to the apron. Kalisto was able to hit Salda Del Sol on the apron but both men fell to the floor.
  • Kalisto used all his strength to roll Lorcan into the ring. Oney was able to kick out at two, selling the fact that if he had stayed on the apron and not rolled to the floor, this match would be over.
  • Lorcan and Kalisto fight on the top rope because, 205 Live. The camera angle is tremendous from the apron. It highlights Oney’s boots and how they aren’t laced to the top, there are two shoelace holes open at the top. Weird looking.
  • Kalisto wins the fight, goes for a 450 and Oney ended up getting his knees up. That got him the win.

And I’m Like… Oney got a clean win over Kalisto based on his ring prowess and awareness. Kalisto is a former cruiserweight champion as well. Can’t start off any better than that. This match was here to put Oney on the map and show that he is on 205 Live to dominate.

Cedric Alexander confronts Drake Maverick about not getting a match with Oney Lorcan. Drake says that Cedric lost his last two matches and has had really hard hitting matches. Maverick says Alexander needs rest. Cedric wants Lorcan and listens to Drake anyways. It’s crazy how much the 205 Live show has “we care about our talent” storylines. Mustafa Ali had that for most of last year, now Cedric.

Tony Nese cut some promo but got jumped by Buddy Murphy and dudes starting throwing hambones. If you only had the sound on, it sounded like porn. Nese got the better of Murphy at the go home show. Murphy is winning.

Akira Tozawa w/The Brian Kendrick vs. Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis

  • Let’s fucking GO! I’m not sure if I’m ready for whatever is going to happen in this match. Mike Kanellis has been doing amazing performances coupled with Aiden English commentary. Mike’s nowhere near my favorite wrestler, but his character and matches are what I look forward to most on 205 and almost in all of wrestling. It’s weird shit.
  • Instead of having Maria banned from ringside, Drake Maverick lets Akira get The Brian Kendrick in his corner.
  • Aiden doesn’t qualify Mike’s win over Akira two weeks ago because Maria was the reason Mike won.
  • Akira is already beginning to frustrate Mike. Kanellis can’t gain a lasting advantage in the match. Maria is cheering on though.
  • English is leaning into the story of Mike staying by Maria so she can get involved. It’s a weird thread being woven. A lot different than previous matches. Usually it’s Mike trying to impress his wife but getting frustrated that he can’t win, losing focus and losing. Then feeling like he isn’t worthy of Maria’s love. While, Maria just wants her husband to succeed and will support him no matter what.
  • Kanellis hit three suplexes in a row, gaining confidence with every one. Then Tozawa kicks out and everything falls into place. Nigel and Aiden argue about how Mike gets angry and loses focus.
  • Mike counters a head scissors into a powerbomb and gets two. He crawls over to Maria who yells “Get in that mode. BE AGGRESSIVE”.
  • That’s pretty cool. Maria tells Mike to be more aggressive. Which will make him angrier, which will force him to lose focus and then lose the match. Maria is just doing what she thinks needs to be done to motivate Mike.
  • Kanellis starts to make a lot of errors and almost loses the match after an Akira Tozawa missile dropkick.
  • Akira can’t get the pinfall on Mike and starts showing frustration himself. Camera zooms in A LOT and Tozawa got a booger visible. It’s all I can see. Once I can’t see it anymore I’m just gonna wonder what happened to it, and who is it on now?
  • Tozawa gets an octopus stretch on Mike. Kanellis breaks out of it in a way I’ve never seen before. Kanellis ran to the ropes and just flipped both he and Tozawa over the top rope.
  • Kanellis hits an assisted neck breaker on the floor. The Brian Kendrick is super worried for Tozawa. Mike walks up to Brian and punches him in the face.
  • It’s still 205 so both Tozawa and Kanellis need to fight on the top rope.
  • Akira hits a top rope hurricanrana and Kanellis still kicks out. Booger is still there.
  • A chop battle ensues and the crowd is really reacting. Akira just lands a straight jab to Mike’s face and Kanellis is wobbly. Chop battle has become a kick battle and the crowd applauds as both men are down. They winning Baltimore over.
  • Mike got Tozawa in a pin attempt and went to grab Maria’s hands to help get the three. At the count of two The Brian was sliding into the ring, the ref looked up to see The Brian and then the ref saw Mike holding Maria’s hands. Tozawa got the win.

And I’m Like… That was a fun match that ended up winning the crowd over. Not much in the way of character development. Maria got caught trying to help. They lost together.

Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy video package about how Tony won three matches last month to earn a chance to face Buddy Murphy. Buddy attacked Nese, Nese attacked Buddy. Now they wrestle at Wrestlemania. The story going in is that they know each other well cause they used to be friends.

Here is a better video package about friends having to fight each other.

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