Tony Khan Gave Kojima “A Happy Time” (Not Like That, Don’t Be Weird)

For quite some time, Satoshi Kojima has been the belle of the Twitter ball, due to his generally sweet demeanor and his love for bread.

But he’s been on a tear today, just 24 hours after his hard-hitting, intense battle with CM Punk. While Kojima didn’t win the match, he reminded American, Japanese, and Canadian fans why he is a legend of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The power of the moment was not lost on Kojima. He realizes how important that match was and he was extremely thankful to Tony Khan for making it happen.

Tony, for his part, acknowledged the moment as well, reiterating that Kojima was a legend, and thanking him for his involvement with Forbidden Door.

You can say a lot about Tony Khan and boy, people do. Especially on Twitter. But one thing you can’t argue (well, you can – you’d just look like an asshole doing it) is that Tony Khan shows professional wrestling legends the respect that they deserve. Whether it’s Sting, or Arn Anderson, or Tully Blanchard, or Minoro Suzuki, or Billy Gunn, or Satoshi Kojima – Tony Khan respects these legends and he showcases them in a light befitting their careers. This was just the most recent example of that.

They could have given the guy a better bread platter tho, tbh.


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