Tony Khan Touches On AEW Possibly Joining A Streaming Service

Will AEW be on a streaming service?

AEW events are still on a tradition pay-per-view schedule in a time where many other shows and events are incorporated into streaming services. But, many fans want AEW to take the streaming service route and Tony Khan was even asked about possibly taking AEW Pay-Per-Views to some sort of service at the Full Gear post media scrum, but it seems like he’s not into that right now.

Well, interesting question, I think that right now, we’ve had a great year for pay-per-view buys and after Full Gear, I think it’s very safe to say and official, this will be the most pay-per-view buys we’ve ever had in a year and that’s aided by the fact that we added and event this year with Forbidden Door in partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling and that’s been a really successful debut. But, so far, we’ve had a really strong year on pay-per-view and I think by continuing to deliver great events, you know, we got a great tradition of people supporting really, Revolution, Double or Nothing, now Forbidden Door is one for one, All Out and Full Gear. So, it’s, you know, having that year of success we’ve had allows us to feel pretty good about the model we have going right now. But, it’s certainly always something that we’re looking at for the future, is, what is the future of delivering events, but certainly right now, it’s been really successful for us. 

– Tony Khan

We’ll have to keep on waiting to see if that streaming service will come for AEW.

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