Tony Khan Addresses The Status Of Miro And Andrade

Andrade and Miro are missing.

At the Full Gear post show media scrum, Tony Khan was asked about Miro and Andrade, seeing as they’ve been absent from AEW for quite sometime. Tony says they are still on the roster, and he’s looking to get them into future plans.

Well, I think when we launched AEW, the one thing I said was I would build a big roster and we kinda would have it be where I wasn’t really committing to everybody necessarily working every single week or even possibly working people in and out of the cards and I think that’s still something I’m committed to, so, there’s people who aren’t on every event but I still would like to get involved and you know, you’ve seen people take some sabbaticals, absences, breaks from AEW for various reasons, come back and get very involved and I think that’s still, for both of those guys, potentially something that you can see for different reasons. I think they’re both apples and oranges in someways but I also think both of them are great and I would like to get both of them involved in the future. Thanks for asking. 

– Tony Khan

Not much information, but at least we know they’re still on Tony’s mind and in AEW.

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