Tony Khan Is Seemingly Not In Favor Of ROH Being A Youtube Show

ROH on YouTube? Likely not.

ROH is still awaiting a TV deal and tonight at the Full Gear post show media scrum, Tony Khan was asked his thoughts on possibly giving ROH a show on YouTube instead of just being on AEW TV. It seemed he wasn’t in favor of the YouTube idea and he believes he keeps a good balance between ROH and AEW on TV.

I’ve definitely considered a lot of options but I think it would be hasty when there are other options out there to like, jump into something because it’s a pretty valuable property and even like, for example, the Pay-Per-Views, like, to throw out a number, like which would be for an AEW Pay-Per-View it’s probably 25% or so of what you might get for an AEW pay-per-view or less than 25% of an AEW pay-per-view. But, say a number like 35,000 buys, you know, at the price point for Ring Of Honor, which is also a lower price point, then on the one hand for AEW it’s not that revenue but on the other hand, it’s not something I really see cannibalising the AEW pay-per-view product because the AEW pay-per-view buys have been really stable while we’ve done the Ring Of Honor pay-per-views. So, for the TV, I really would like to get that going and I see it as a weekly series. But, because it’s such a major leap, I’ve been holding off on, because yeah I could easily just do a YouTube show, like I mean, I think it probably deserves something better than that. […] I completely see that, but I think it would be like going from, just doing a YouTube show as a placeholder I think would be probably less, it would be a trade off because in some ways it would be beneficial by not having some matches that could take away from other matches that would feature some people in AEW, but I also think a lot of the people from Ring Of Honor would be featured, like the champions happen to be some of the biggest names in AEW like Chris Jericho, Samoa Joe, FTR, so, when those people have wrestled in matches, weather it was FTR around Forbidden Door for the Ring Of Honor tag team championships or Chris Jericho and the Ring Of Jericho or Samoa Joe defending the TV title, Mercedes is just getting back healthy, so I think at times those have been good for the show but i also try to keep a balance where it’s not the whole show and you know, like I said, tonight with 10 matches on the pay-per-view and there was one match for the Ring Of Honor Championship, I think that was a good balance. 

– Tony Khan

We’ll have to wait and see where a ROH TV snow ends up. 

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