Tony Khan On Getting Wayward Son Cleared

Carry on my Wayward Son.

The Elite made their big return to Full Gear and they came with new music. They entered with Wayward Son by Kansas, after reports of them trying to trademark “Wayward Sons” over the last week. Now, during the Full Gear post show media scrum, Tony Khan was asked about the trademark and the big return of the Elite, to which he says they never wanted to change The Elite name.

No, we’d never talk about changing the name, it wasn’t like gonna be a rebrand or like a generation me situation or anything. I was a big fan of the Young Bucks and when they turned to Generation Me, I was thinking like okay, I really like The Young Bucks and Nigel McGuinness and Generation Me and Desmond Wolf, I was scratching my head. That’s why like, so many of the people, I think it’s good when people come into AEW and keep their names for the most part. With the Wayward Son trademark, no, k don’t know about the trademark but I do think the song was a great idea. They asked me about licensing it and you know, it’s similar to trades in sports where it takes two willing parties and sometimes you’re like very happy to get a deal done, you’re like “wow, that was really pleasant and it was a good deal and a good trade for both teams” and you feel good about the trade. Other times, they’re very brutal and painful and at the end of it you feel like you got dragged and this was not one of those, they were very nice. So, really Kansas and all the people we worked with were very nice about licensing it and The Elite asked me about the use of it and I thought it was a great idea and I was really excited about the idea and the series of matches going forward and I think after the really interesting finish and controversial ending I would say, to the match, I thought it was really appropriate to settle it and figure out who is the undisputed world trios champions with a best of seven series and j really couldn’t imagine two better trios in the history of AEW, to go out and have a best of 7. 

– Tony Khan

Tony continued when asked if they’ll keep using the song.

I am very opened to using it again. And they were very cool about us using it tonight so I think there’s a good chance we could use it again. 

– Tony Khan

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