Newest White Rabbit Reveal Tells You to Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine (Basically)

Ralphie Parker had spent months saving up to get his Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Pin. On the day it finally arrived, Ralphie could barely contain his excitement. He was now a part of the Little Orphan Annie club; the family that she never thought she’d have. As Ralphie sat down to get that week’s message from Pierre Andre his hands were shaking as he wrote the numbers down. He set his Decoder Pin to B-2 and got to work.


There it was. The message. Now the real work began.

Ralphie escaped to the only room in the house where he knew he could get a little privacy – the bathroom – and he set out to decode the message delivered straight from Little Orphan Annie Herself.

As he decoded the numbers to their corresponding letters, the message became more and more clear until it was finally revealed.

‘Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine.’

In the words of one Ralph Parker, the whole thing was ‘a crummy commercial.’

And while we’re not quite to that point yet with these White Rabbit reveals from WWE, it certainly does resemble that scene from the beloved holiday film.

That was especially true this week as audiences were gifted yet another QR Code.

When viewers scanned the code, it took them to a painting depicting the story of Samson and Delilah.

You know the tale; it’s one of the more interesting stories from the Bible. Samson, you see, was a strong man – one of the strongest in all of Israel. He was an enemy of the Philistines; so much so that the army sent Delilah, a babe, to seduce and betray him. She did exactly that by cutting his hair which, according to the Book of Judges, was from where he got his strength.

After the betrayal and the dopey haircut, Samson was turned over to the Philistine army, who gouged out his eyes and forced him to work in Gaza. After that, (it was a really long week for Sam), they took him into the temple of Dagon. Samson asked if he could rest for a moment against the pillars of the temple. Little did the Philistines know, Samson’s hair had grown back (as hair tends to do) and he had regained his strength! So Samson, in his last act of defiance, pulled the pillars down, sending the roof crashing down onto the army, onto himself, and onto anybody else who was unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity, killing them all.

It’s a pretty neat story (which would eventually lead to a pretty catchy song by the Plain White T’s) and it’s used constantly as a metaphor in various artistic mediums.

In this case, the White Rabbit code led viewers to either a portrait of Samson lying in Delilah’s lap, while she runs her lying fingers through his hair, or a portrait of Samson pulling the pillars down on everything around him. What you saw depended on whether you were on your mobile device, or a computer.

On one of the portraits, however, there was a number- similar to the one Ralphie wrote down in A Christmas Story. And, like that classic holiday film, this number, after being ‘decoded’ (IE being put into Google), led audiences to a milk product. Except, in this case it wasn’t Ovaltine. It was ‘White Rabbit Milk.’

There was one more clue in this week’s reveal, as well.

So there aren’t any answers yet as to the identity of the White Rabbit, but this is certainly a fun way for audiences to interact with the show. It’s creative, it’s fun, and it’s almost certainly going to lead to the return of one Bray Wyatt.

So, Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter.

And Be Sure to Drink Your White Rabbit Milk.

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