Scarlett And Killer Kross “Grateful” They Were Signed To WWE During Pandemic

The last few years have been uncertain for the wrestling industry.

In early 2020, the Covid-19 Pandemic shut down the world. First to go where entertainment and sports events as WWE and other wrestling promotions were forced to hold events behind closed doors. It would also mean work on the independent circuit would be minimal to none and this led to money problems for many talents during the pandemic.

Scarlett Bordeaux spoke to Wrestling Inc. Daily about how lucky she and her husband were to be signed with WWE during the uncertain days of the pandemic. She mentioned the financial trouble they would’ve been in if they’d stayed on the independents:

“We are very proud of everything we did. It’s funny that you say we were a product of bad timing because the entire time we were there during COVID. We were looking at each other saying how lucky we were with the timing of us getting signed. The fact that the pandemic hit, because if we had been on the independents, we would have been screwed.”

“Because I was still working as a server in the nightclubs to supplement my income on the indies. I wasn’t completely financially set, so the nightclubs shut down. There wouldn’t have been independent shows, I don’t know what we would have done, honestly.”

Scarlett Bordeaux to Wrestling News Co Daily

H/T To Ringside News for Transcription

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