Gene Munny Heading To PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 & Jonathan Gresham Striped Of PROGRESS World Championship

Gene Munny has been campaigning since 2019 to be part of PROGRESS’ Super Strong Style 16, this past Sunday the 15th of May at PROGRESS Chapter 134: No Mountain High Enough, Munny faced Jonathan Gresham for a spot in this years Super Strong Style 16.

Before the match even got started Jonathan Gresham and his CCK cohorts Lykos Gym would assault Munny, leading to PROGRESS management adding the stipulation that if Lykos Gym got Jonathan Gresham Disqualified he would be stripped of the world title. Lykos Gym would do just that attacking Gene Munny in front of the referee leading to a disqualification, as it would turn out Lykos Gym did it in on purpose to ensure Gresham would be stripped of the Championship.

Lykos Gym would reveal that they had been planning this ever since Gresham won the title of Cara Noir, as a consequence of these actions Gene Munny had achieved his three year dream of entering the Super Strong Style 16. However Munny was not happy with this, insisting he earned his spot in this years tournament challenging and than defeating Kid Lykos finally earning his place in the Super Strong Style 16.

With the Progress World Championship now vacant The winner of the upcoming Super Strong Style 16 will be crowned the new Progress World Champion.

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PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 is for the 3rd of June to 5th of June, PROGRESS’ Chapter 134: No Mountain High Enough will be available to stream on the Peacock Streaming Service in the US and the WWE Network everywhere else in the next couple of weeks.

Written by Andy More (@GBOtaku82)

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