WWE and The Benefit of The Doubt

Very few promotions deserve the benefit of the doubt in the world of pro-wrestling. The benefit of the doubt it’s something that a promotion earns with consistent good booking and treating fans the right way, WWE despite not having non of the previously mention points, they still have the benefit of the doubt with fans and some critics. How is that possible?

WWE despite their bad booking for the most part, they still have the benefit of the doubt with some people due to the fact they’re the biggest promotion in the world. It’s the many possible explanations of why WWE gets away with bad booking decisions and people then saying “Let it play out”. Another good answer is because of WWE dominating the market for so long that most people still think only Vince McMahon is the only person capable of booking pro-wrestling successfully on a large scale.

WWE has not earned the possibility of letting things play out, especially considering how erratic Vince McMahon’s booking is. Giving WWE the benefit of the doubt on any storyline is the worst thing anyone can do. You’re just setting yourself for disappointment.

For other promotions, earning the benefit of the doubt would take several years of consistent good booking and shows. Currently there’s maybe two or three promotion who’ve earned that benefit and WWE’s not one of them.

WWE being on top for so l0ng has granted them so many privilegies with fans and they can afford to book mediocre shows with bad booking on a consistent basis, especially with all their big money deals they currently have.

Will things ever change? Probably not. Unless something like someone else taking over creative from Vince or a WWE sell could make thing change, but those two scenarios are very unlikely to happen for now.