Keith Lee Being Considered For New Role

After a long hiatus earlier this year, that left fans wondering if Keith Lee was still with the WWE we saw a return from the former NNXT champ. He later released a video on his youtube and clarified his absences, where he revealed he was battling the covid 19 and that it was a pretty serious situation.

Since his return, WWE has had him competing in dark matches as the company is trying to establish a direction for his character. Well now according to a report from Wrestling News, Lee is being considered by Vince McMahon himself for a monster heel role.

Lee has been getting babyface reactions during the dark matches but was told that Vince McMahon has considered turning him into a monster heel.

Keith Lee is very agile for a big guy, and as everyone knows Vince is a fan of big guys so we will have to see what direction the WWE takes his character.