Keith Lee Releases Video Revealing Health Scare And Sudden Absence

Keith Lee has been a fan favorite since his debut With NXT. Lee was on a hot streak that eventually led to his call-up to the main roster, so when he was pulled from tv without any explanation on why it left many fans confused and worried about the superstar, especially after receiving a United States title shot against Matt Riddle after coming back from a few weeks off.

A few weeks ago Lee would go on Twitter to let it be known that he would explain his absence at the write time but assured fans he would explain.

In the video, Lee explained that around the end of January he had contracted covid, and shut down rumors of Girlfriend Mia Yim Giving him the virus. He expressed his gratefulness for Yim assisting him during the time, and that her helping him cost her a chance at the royal rumble. He went on the explain how after his match with Riddle he was contacted by doctors after blood work came back, and that results had shown there was inflammation in his heart.


“were it not for her, I don’t know how things would have gone, to be quite honest. I contracted covid she did not, actually for like three weeks, and the only reason that she did contract it was because she refused to not be their and take care of me, and unfortunately, that ended up costing her an opportunity in the Royal Rumble.”

” Some people may have experince this , where theirs inflamatin, in the lung or heart . Mine was in the heart.”

Due to the results, Lee was forbidden from training outside of a light walk, due to the fear of cardiac arrest. Throughout the ordeal several tests we performed to keep an eye on any changes. Lee at one point in the video Called it a “fight Against death”.

“This led to very scary times, I was basically forbidden from training or any activity outside a light walk”

“Their was a fear that doing more than that i could just up and pass away”

Lee went on to explain that it took for WWE to send him to their doctors in Pittsburgh after it was thought that he could have some sort of heart disease. Lee said eventually the swelling in his heart went down and got better, and was then cleared by doctors to return to full activity and in-ring action.

“for three or four months this was kinda the case, and i had several MRIs on my heart,And by the way, I don’t fit in those machines it was terrible and my shoulders really struggled with that, but we had to do what we had to do”

Lee expressed his gratitude for the fans who reacted out. While never saying it seemed this may have been a side effect of having the covid virus. Now that Lee is back let’s hope he continues on the route that he was on before this unfortunate event.