Pat MacAfee Tests Positive For Covid-19

Pat Macafee has been wining over WWE fans on Smackdown commentary. The Former NFL kicker Took the position at the commentary table back in April and has been getting rave reviews.

Earlier today on the Pat Mcafee Show, it was revealed that MacAfee was in quarantine after having a fever of 104.5 along with the high fever, it was later revealed that McAfee had tested positive for covid.

While it has not been made official, MacAfee is not expected to be on SmackDown this week. MacAfee later sent out a tweet confirming that he is vaccinated.

Fully Vax’d. Very Positive. Aht Indefinitely. It’s miserable but thankful that my wife and the boys at the office all took tests and they are all negative.. This is obviously a sign from the universe, probably telling me that I stink & to stay home for a while. I’ll see yinz

It is not known how long MacAfee will be out, but we here at send well wishes to Pat .