Update On Brian Knobbs Health Situation

We reported a few weeks ago that one-half of the tag team The Nasty Boys Brian Knobbs had recently been hospitalized with multiple health problems. A GoFund Me was set up in order to help the Knobbs family pay for his hospital bills and expenses accumulated related to his health issues.

New information that is being reported is not putting a better light on the situation. During his 83 weeks podcast, Eric Bishoff noted that Knobb’s condition was a lot worse than previously expected.

“I do know the complexities of what he’s dealing with, and since they have been made public I’m not going to do that, I just want to let people know that his situation is much more serious than perhaps you’ve heard or read about, or was detailed in the GoFundMe paragraph.”

“So, it’s a very, very serious situation for Brian. Prayers go out to him. I’ve known Brian… Brian was one of the first guys that I really became friends with back in AWA in 1987, one of the first talents, him and Jerry Sags. Brian and I go way back, and I’m pulling for him, I’m praying for him, and if anybody listening to this, man, please donate. It doesn’t matter if you donate a buck, or a hundred bucks, or five bucks, please donate.”

The whole team here at Bodyslam.net would like to send our prayers to Knobbs and his family. Below is the full 83 Weeks podcast episode.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote.