TNT Has Big Plans For CM Punk When He Makes Debut

Cm Punk is finally on his way back to the wrestling ring after an 8 year-long hiatus. if reports are to be believed, a few weeks ago it was revealed that punk had inked a deal with AEW. He is now slated to be making his debut in his hometown of Chicago tomorrow night at the second showing of the new Friday showing of Rampage, which will be held at the United center, a venue that seats close to 24000.

According to frightful select, Punks name has made its way to the TNT headquarters, Multiple people have said there is excitement about bringing Punk onto the network, they are also very aware of the situation and see a lot of marketing possibilities on top of everything else.

Fightful has spoken with multiple people involved with WarnerMedia and TNT, who spoke of the excitement of bringing in CM Punk, and noted that he’ll have their promotional machine behind him upon his return

it is still unclear what the extra promotional activity entails, but apparently big plans are in place for CM Punk in AEW. There was also notably some excitement about a Chicago Bulls tie-in that will come with CM Punks UnitedCenter debut for the company, and Warner Media wants to capitalize on that.