Renee Paquette Says She “Sees Endless Opportunities” In AEW

Paquette was a voice that WWE fans won’t soon forget. Whether she was behind the microphone doing commentary for Raw, Smackdown, Hosting Backstage, or Just showing day-to-day life on total divas. Now that she is out of the company she is definitely exploring her options.

Since her departure, she has hosted a successful podcast, she has put out a cookbook that made it on Amazon’s best sellers list, and last but not least she gave birth to a baby girl. Now that she has done all that that wrestling itch may be coming back.

During an interview with Wrestling Inc, Paquette noted that her non-compete clause was almost up, and she’s not ruling out a possible run with AEW. She said:

My non-compete clause with WWE is nearly up. I don’t ever want to separate myself from professional wrestling. I know that’s where my fanbase comes from, I know essentially going to always be my bread and butter- and I love that. I love professional wrestling. So I’m not looking to get away from it by any stretch.


Looking at AEW, I think there are endless opportunities of other things I could be doing over there if that was to be something that came up down the line. I honestly have not put much thought into it. That’s interesting to be like ‘oh wait! I can do wrestling things again!

Renee could be possibly joining her husband soon, and she would make a great addition to any commentary team in AEW. If you were in charge and brought her to AEW, What show would you send her to?