IMPACT Slammiversary 2021 – Instant Reactions

Instant Reaction: Impact Slammiversary 2021

By Skylar Russell

It’s time for Impact Wrestling’s biggest event of the summer: Slammiversary! A good card is on hand tonight, and Impact has been teasing a bunch of surprises. Below you’ll find my minute by minute reaction of the PPV and a mini-recap all packaged up together. These are my instant thoughts that I wrote down throughout the show: 

  • Matt Striker is back. He’s only a very slight upgrade over Josh Matthews, but I’ll take it.
  • Great ovation for Fire n Flava. 
  • The golden ring ropes are aesthetically pleasing 
  • Havok/Rosemary vs Fire N’ Flava was fine. Nothing to write home about.
  • Chris Bey deserves to be world champion.
  • Ace Austin deserves to be world champion.
  • Trey Miguel deserves to be world champion
  • Josh Alexander deserves to be a world champion.
  • Noticing a theme here? 
  • Rohit Raju is very entertaining. 
  • Some great gear choices on this show.
  • Josh Alexander put Chris Bey in an ankle lock while dangling upside down from the X ropes. Wrestling is great. 
  • Petey Williams Canadian Destroyed Chris Bey who was being hoisted up. Insane spots in this match.
  • Don Callis might be the best promo in the business. This is completely not sarcastic. 
  • Chelsea Green is Matt Cardona’s surprise partner. Cool. 
  • Green and Cardona win expectedly.
  • W. Morrissey is one of the better big men in wrestling.
  • I’m so tired of Eddie Edwards, and I only watch the product every 3-5 weeks. 
  • Morrissey vs Edwards was ok. Nothing great. 
  • FinJuice is back! They defeat Madman Fulton and Shera in a short match. This was exactly what I wanted it to be.
  • Moose has fantastic gear. 
  • I miss Alex Shelley.
  • Moose is a great home-grown product for Impact. While he’s not phenomenal at anything, he’s not bad at anything.
  • Sabin/Moose was a great match. 
  • No Way Jose is Fallah Baah’s partner and his new name is just No Way. Moment of the night.
  • I don’t get Violent By Design. I don’t get the hype. 
  • Fun four way tag match. Good Brothers win. 
  • Deonna’s mystery opponent was Thunder Rosa! A genuine surprise. She got a great reaction.
  • Rosa/Deonna is my match of the night at the moment.
  • Mickie James comes out afterwards! James invited Deonna to NWA Empowerrr, and the two brawl afterwards.
  • Bound For Glory is announced for October 23rd in Las Vegas.
  • Sami Callihan has an above average entrance. I enjoy it.
  • Battle Cry is a top tier wrestling song.
  • The story here being Callihan can’t outwrestle Omega, so he’ll outfight him is cool.
  • I’d listen to a one man Don Callis commentary team over like 80% of wrestling commentary duos. 
  • Callihan cuts open Omega with a pizza cutter within 60 seconds. Wrestling!
  • Impact uses really unique weapons like wet floor signs and frying pans.
  • Callihan is bleeding. This is brutal stuff.
  • Omega took a fork and stretched Callihan’s mouth with it and I audibly gasped.
  • Omega is working Callihan’s style match and it’s paying marvelous dues. This match is great.
  • Omega wins after stuffing his knee with thumbtacks and hitting a V-Trigger, followed by a one winged angel on the Thumbtacks. Great match. 
  • The Super Elite is celebrating after the match and Jay White makes his Impact debut. The forbidden door no longer exists at this point, it’s an open doorway now. 

Slammiversary was an overall 7.5/10 show for me. There were super dull points in the show like Green/Cardona vs Dashwood/Myers and Morrissey vs Edwards, but the good outweighed the bad here. Omega vs Callihan was my match of the night, with Purrazzo vs Rosa shortly behind. Other high points included the Ultimate X match, and Chris Sabin vs Moose. 


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