Rev Pro Live At The Cockpit 51 – Review

Revolution Pro Wrestling recently returned to live action, once more at their home in London The Cockpit, for Live At The Cockpit 51 made available on their Rev Pro On Demand service. It took me some time to find the time to write this up but with Rev Pro live at Bristol I thought it was time to pull my finger out and get it done. Rev Pro spared no effort in their return show lining up 6 huge matches for the show. The show featured the culmination of the Southside Heavyweight Championship tournament, a match for the Vacant Women’s Championship as well as the return of a British Legend.

Kenneth Halfpenny, Shaun Jackson and Doug Williams Vs Brendan White, JJ Gale and Callum Newman

The show opened up with a fantastic 6 man tag match that was full of action and of course the returning legend Doug Williams, with a lot of the match revolving around Williams and Brendan White. Kenneth Halfpenny and Shuan Jackson are not the most flashy wrestlers but two burley young men who can wrestle well and garner heat well, which is what they did throughout the match. Callum Newman and JJ White on the other hand are two incredibly gifted young athletes who use their speed and athleticism well, increasing the pace of the match up and hitting some crowd pleasing high spots. The match came down to Williams and White, White had tried to use his size and strength to out muscle the legend but ended up getting caught out by the technical wrestling of Williams who picked up the win for his team by pin fall.

After the match Halfpenny and Jackson would try to mock White for his loss only to be told to shut up by Williams who then offered White a chance to face him one on one sometime soon.

Chakrara Vs Chantal Jordan

A fantastic women’s division match followed with debuting Chantal Jordan facing the returning Chakara, the two young women put on a fantastic match, a real hard hitting affair. Chakara did what she could to dominate the younger Chantal using her experience to keep her grounded to take away her superior striking, Chakara would jump on every little mistake made by Jordan. Jordan did not go down easily though unleashing a torrent of viscous strikes she was able to fight back and even look like she could pick up the victory on couple of occasions. In the end it was Chakara who came out on top, overall this was two incredibly talented young performers who you will see a lot of this year as they break out as the superstars they’re destined to be.

Lee Hunter Vs Big Guns Joe

Lee Hunter is one of the most experienced wrestlers in the UK with a near 20 year career, mainly as a tag team alongside his brother Jim as the Hunter Brothers, now branching out on his own he is proving to the world that he can be successful as a singles star. Big Guns Joe can often be seen as just another comedy wrestler but the young man spent lockdown working his ass off to look like his name suggests, still on the smaller side the young man is super jacked and super powerful. Both guys did a fantastic job in this match, in some ways it was about proving that Joe did belong in a Rev Pro ring. Hunter wasn’t taking Joe seriously to begin with until Joe forced Hunter to take him seriously. In the end it was the experience of Hunter that saw him pick up the win with his swing reverse DDT, this was a great match with some really fun spots, the crowd really got into this match.

Rev Pro Great British Tag League Group A Match

Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos and Lykos II) Vs Destination Everywhere (Connor Mills and Micheal Oku)

Lykos Gym should seriously be considered in any conversation about who are the best tag teams in world, despite only really teaming competitively as a tag team, with Kid Lykos only coming out of retirement last year, until then he was Kid Lykos II’s Mentor/trainer. Destination Everywhere are two amazing young competitors, both Conner Mills and Micheal Oku are destined to be top stars in the British scene but not as a tag team, they are good team and that showed here they’re just more likely to be individual stars. This was an inedible tag team match that just added to Lykos Gym claim as one of the best tag teams in the world, Destination Everywhere were the perfect opponents as current crowd favourites there was true heel /face dynamic that the live crowd bought, making plenty of noise. In the end Lykos Gym picked ip the win thanks to some underhanded shenanigans. This match was close to stealing the show although it was probably the crowds favourite match, in my opinion it was the second best match of the night.

Robbie X Vs Chris Ridgeway

Robbie X is true young veteran of British Wrestling competing all over the country since he was young teenager and you can see that in the way he performs in the ring, Robbie X is smooth and crisp, able to wow the crowd in a sudden burst of innovation and athleticism. Chris Ridgeway is one of the UK’s best kept secrets, everything about Ridgeway screams legitimate from his striking to his grappling, he has the incredible ability to make everything he does seem effortless, he is not the flashiest competitor but rather someone who embraces the grind. This was for me the match of the night, two truly incredible performers I do not think I have vocabulary to this match justice for just how good it really was, from the incredible wrestling to the amazing selling, the whole layout of this match was perfect. Robbie X somehow managed to come out with the win in this match, Robbie X won the crowd with his heart and guts managing to withstand an abnormal amount of punishment at the hands of a master of punishment, I urge everyone to go watch this match.

Rev Pro Undisputed British Women’s Championship Match

Gisele Shaw vs Zoe Lucas

Shaw is not the greatest technical worker but she is a fabulously detestable heel with her mannerisms, her over reactions, her tantrums and her shrieks and screams are spot on perfect and is an incredible worker in those regards. Shaw is technically incredible everything she does is smooth you can tell she was trained by Lance Strom, she has the ability to switch her wrestling style depending on whether she is working as a heel or face with a range of technical submission holds and great array of high flying exciting offence. This was the 3rd match up between Lucas and Shaw in Rev Pro and was honestly the best match to date in this rivalry that dates back to Shaw’s Rev Pro debut, the crowd were a little quiet for this match but is excusable with the incredible action and drama of the 2 previous matches. This was still a really good match and I said probably the best match against each other, Shaw would eventually win with the armbar, which they had built the whole match around with Lucas doing all she could to avoid getting locked in the submission.

Following the match Mariah May would come out and attack Shaw, joining forces with Zoe Lucas with the Clamour and the Beauty standing tall, it seems Lucas has found someone to replace Bobbi Tyler.

Southside Heavyweight Championship Tournament Final (30 Min Iron Fist Match)

RKJ (0) Dan Moloney (1)

Dan Moloney over the past year has established himself as the franchise player in Rev Pro amassing an underfeated streak with some big name scalps, he looks absolutely jacked currently and works as a strong style powerhouse. Ricky Knight Jr might just be the man who is going to take British Wrestling to another level, rebuilding himself as cross between a cruiserweight and heavyweight able to move around the ring a break neck speeds of a cruiserweight but at a believable size to compete with heavyweights. This was truly great way to bring an end the Southside Heavyweight tournament, with the two people who kicked off the tournament during their closed set Epic Encounters series last year. Moloney had a 1 fall advantage for winning that match. Both Maloney and RKJ took their performances to another level for this match mixed with a superb layout I don’t want to go into too much detail of how the match finished but with 10 minutes to go you would think to yourself RKJ has no way back into this match. A super smart way to finish an Iron man match allowed RKJ to come out on top, you do not see it coming, a truly excellent match deserving of the main event spot.

After the match RKJ would call out Rev Pro’s Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay to unify the belts, stating when he becomes champion he will not run off to another country, he is here to stay in Btitish Wrestling. Shoto Umino would make his surprise return to Rev Pro Wrestling, he would go on to challenge RKJ for the Southside championship, wanting to be the man to face Ospreay and unify the titles.

Overall this was a fantastic show, a real back to business show, helping to establish angles moving forward, the live crowd were excellent truly seeming to love all the action in ring. The return of Shota Umino was certainly a high point alongside the excellent Robbie X vs Chris Ridgeway and the Lykos Gym vs Destination Everywhere matches which were both superb. There is plenty to look forward to as Rev Pro looks to continue their back to business tour, next stop is Rev Pro live in Bristol this coming Sunday 19th of July, full card details below.

Conner Mills vs Chris Ridgeway

Rev Pro Great British Tag League Block B Match

The Legion (Screwface Ahmed and Lucian Philips) vs Callum Newman and JJ Gale

Doug Williams vs Ricky Knight Jr

Dan Moloney vs Shoto Umino

Rev Pro Great British Tag League Block A Match

Dream Team (Robbie X and Dean Allmark) vs Young Guns (Luke Jacobs and Ethan Allen)

Rev Pro Great British Tag League Block B Match

Joel Redman and Charlie Sterling vs Sunshine Machine (TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo)

Rev Pro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship Match

Micheal Oku (c) vs Lee Hunter

Rev Pro Undisputed British Womens Championship Match

Gisele Shaw (c) vs Zoe Lucas

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