What Could We Expect From AEW Rampage?

With the third hour of AEW programming finally being official, the excitement is all over the place for the possibilities with this new show. Rampage opens a lot of new opportunities for AEW and what they could do for this new show.

One of the first ideas that has come up to people’s minds was the rumored AEW 6-man titles. According to some reports, they were going to debut on Jericho’s cruise, but those plans got delayed. on paper, they make sense. They have the roster ready for them and it would be easy to book. This new belt being a new cool addition for Rampage could help a lot this new show from AEW.

Another idea is the introduction of the AEW women’s tag team titles. The women’s roster has improved so much in the last 6 months and AEW has hinted at the possibility of a women’s tag team titles with last year’s tournament that took place on YouTube to test the waters. AEW has been slowly making some tag teams for their secondary shows on Dark and Elevation.

One of the biggest questions about Rampage is if it’ll have it’s own storylines or will just expand the current ones happening on Dynamite. AEW does a good job expanding their storylines on platforms like BTE, Dark and Elevation every week. Either way would be fine, if it’s executed correctly.

One of the biggest questions is about Dark and Elevation. Will they stay on Jacksonville or will they just be part of the touring shows and how will they change because of it. It’s too early to make any prediction on this subject, but only time will tell.

The growth of AEW is undeniable and AEW Rampage sure promises to be an interesting show to watch once it premieres next year.