NXT UK Recap and Results

Plenty to look forward to when it came to tonight’s NXT UK, with four huge match ups scheduled its going to be an action packed night of wrestling.

Eddie Dennis vs Joe Coffey

*Joe Coffey Defeated Eddie Dennis by Pinfall

A great opening match the commentators said it best, this was a striker vs a grappler. Dennis’ approach to the match was methodical with not a wasted motion, every thing was planned as if he was playing wrestling chess staying one step ahead of his opponent. Coffey on the other relied on his power and his boxing, breaking holds by lifting and dropping Dennis to the mat with variety of slams and suplexes. In the end Eddie Dennis’ The Hunt, Tyson T-Bone and Primate would look to get involved leading to the other member of Gallus, Wolfgang and Mark Coffey to head down to ringside. With everything happening on the outside it was Coffey who would capitalize hitting his All the Best For The Bells Clothesline to get the pinfall. Following the match Eddie Dennis and his Hunt would attempt to attack Joe Coffey, Wolfgang and Mark Coffey would even the odds once more forcing Eddie Dennis and his Hunt retreat.

Video package of Ilja Dragunov looking back at his past matches on NXT UK

Back stage Joe Coffey runs into Rampage Brown, he mentions that the two should have a rematch some time soon.

Dave Mastiff vs Sam Gradwell

*Sam Gradwell defeated Mastiff by pin fall.

Big man wrestling done well. This was the battle of the big men in wrestling and although Mastiff had a slight power advantage over his opponent, it would be Gradwell who had the better the game plan, attacking the Mastiff’s lower back. This would pay dividends at the end of the match when Mastiff would be unable to hit his rolling cannonball as the pain in his back forced him to stop mid run up. Gradwell would take advantage, showing off some impressive strength of his own Gradwell would hoist Mastiff up on to his shoulder to hit a sit out death valley driver to pick up a huge win.


A video package for Aofie Valkyrie as she looks forward to her match with Meiko Satomura

An incredible video package for Emilia McKenzie, who stated since returning to NXT UK she is ready to prove her self.

Dani Luna vs Jinny With Joseph Conners

*Jinny defeated Dani Luna by pin fall

An excellent match with more to come based on the post match scuffle. Jinny was excellent using her veteran wiles to anger Luna into making a mistake, once on top Jinny was vicious punishing Luna. Dani was able to show of her incredible strength dead lifting Jinny on more than one occasion and bringing her crashing to the mat. It would be Joseph Conners who proved the difference maker causing a momentary distraction for Jinny to pounce, taking out Luna’s leg and hitting a rolling Liger kick to pick the win by pinfall. Post match Jinny would continue to attack a prone Luna as Connors berated her verbally prompting Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster to make the save.

In Sid Scalla’s office, Amir Jordan is looking for a rematch with Kenny Williams, Scalla informs Jordan that he already spoke with Williams. Telling Jordan that Williams has agreed to rematch in a No DQ match with the added stipulation that the loser must leave NXT UK, Jordan agrees to the match and signs the contract.

A video package for the debuting Rohan Raja who is set to make his debut next week against Teoman.

A Video package for Teoman, who delivers a promo about his opponent next week.

Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) vs Sha Samuels and Noam Dar

*Moustache Mountain detfeated Sha Samuels and Noam Dar by pin fall

Tag Team Wrestling at it’s finest. It was great to see the Moustache Mountain boys back in action together, however it would be Dar and Samuels who put on a great display of tag team wrestling. Dar and Samuels were able to isolate Seven for a long periods of the match, with Dar doing a great job of working over Seven’s leg, this worked effectively with Samuels power offence and hard slams. Once Bate was able to get back in the match the momentum swung back in favour of Moustache Mountain who started working together with some excellent tandem offence. Bate and Seven would be able to take Dar and Samuels to the outside following a couple of suicide dives, rolling Samuels back into the ring Bate and Seven would hit their assisted Burning Hammer finisher to pick up the win by pin fall.

Another great night of action from the stars of NXT UK, some really good matches from start to finish with some intriguing angles brewing. There is certainly plenty to look forward next week, with the debut of Rohan Raja vs Teoman, Afoie Valkyrie vs Meiko Staomura, Gallus vs Eddie Dennis and his Hunt plus Amir Jordan vs Kenny Williams in a no DQ loser leaves NXT UK match.

You can catch NXT UK on the WWE Network Thursdays from 8pm GMT for the UK, Peacock Stream service in America from 3pm EST. NXT UK will also be available in the UK on BT Sports 1 at 10pm Friday and 8pm on Saturday.

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