Lita Says On Twitch Vince McMahon Threatened To Fire Her If She Did Not Do Infamous Live Sex Celebration

Amy Dumas is a legend in the WWE and rightfully so. A WWE Hall of Famer, Dumas wowed the crowd and broke a lot of barriers as Lita including facing Victoria in the first ever cage match to feature two women in the WWE. She also wound up going through a lot of hell to get to where she’s at.

While doing a Twitch stream and recapped by a Twitter user, Lita told her viewers that WWE had threatened to fire her if she didn’t take part in one of her more infamous moments in the company, the “live sex celebration” she had with Edge. While it was something she wasn’t a fan of, it’s also one of the highest rated segments in Raw history.

She did reveal that both Edge and John Cena did their best to convince Vince McMahon not to go through with the segment, along with herself and several other Superstars but Vince McMahon refused to listen, ending up with the ultimatum of go through with the segment or be fired. She eventually participated, but it wasn’t long that she decided to leave WWE.

Her and Trish Stratus both opted to leave the company within months of one another, and as Trish left as a champion and revered, WWE buried Lita on the way out, including Cryme Tyme “stealing” her belongings and holding a “ho sale.”

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