Jim Ross Gives More Details On Brodie Lee’s Health In His Final Days

Brodie Lee’s passing was a tragic and sudden loss to the world of pro wrestling. His passing due to a non-COVID related lung issue was a shock to many, but his condition had been building as we have now come to learn.

Lee was hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville as far back as October, and it was a topic Jim Ross addressed on his Grilling JR podcast. While Ross revealed he hadn’t seen or heard anything about an autopsy, he revealed that there was a double lung failure that was so bad, he unfortunately couldn’t qualify for a lung transplant.

“He was always smiling and a funny guy. Great sense of humor. That’s why I said, I am going to work today and I will tell these young guys, ‘it doesn’t hurt to laugh, as I said: laughter is a good medicine. He made you laugh, didn’t he?’ — ‘Oh yeah [they reply].’ Remember those times. That’s a Hell of a lot better than him not being able to kick out of his issues.”

“I still don’t know what — I haven’t seen of or even heard of an autopsy. All I know is that he had double lung failure. His lungs were so bad he could not qualify for a transplant.”

“So, after as I heard the story; whether it’s totally accurate or not I don’t know. They took him off his machine to see if he could kick out himself. That was about the only chance he had. It just obviously did not work, so… a sad time for all of us. Again, he impacted so many of us on our roster that kind of went off the radar and so he will be very missed.”

The news and the thoughts continue to pour in for Brodie Lee, and our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to his family during this incredibly difficult time.

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