Exclusive: Vampiro Talks About Changing As A Person, Says He’s On The Ascension Path – “That Ancient Aliens Program”

Former WCW Star Vampiro was the focus of a recent documentary, Nail in the Coffin: The Fall & Rise of Vampiro. Vampiro and director Michael Paszt recently spoke to Bodyslam.net’s Cassidy Haynes and Dom Mallon when they appeared on an episode of The Push podcast to discuss the release of the film.

Vampiro was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease back in April of 2019, and during the interview he was asked about dealing with his illness, chronic pain, and his mental health. He also talked about who he is as a person now, as opposed to who he was back when he was an active wrestler.

When asked about who he is today as opposed to who he was as a person in the past:

“I need my past in order for you to see how extreme the changes in me now [are]. I’m so spiritual and I’m on the ascension path…that Ancient Aliens program, I’m part of that group now and I’m training to go home. I meditate. I practice spiritual magic. I’m doing this to be a better person. So even though my past has zero to do with who I am now… I can’t ignore my past because my past made me who I am today.”

On dealing with mental health, chronic pain and Alzheimer’s:

With or without problems you gotta fight to live. You gotta eat to live, sleep to recover, drink water to be rehydrated. doesn’t matter if you’re brain dead, depressed, a millionaire or broke. You’ve got to do those things….I still need to succeed, I’m still driven. So i’m not changing my life just because you [changed] my situation…life has to go on. I’m telling you now, if you make yourself a victim because someone says you’re a victim or because someone says you’re sick, go f**k yourself. OR, have faith and GO FOR IT! Have faith in the universe…Your heart still beats and you still have red blood in there. And you still have a desire to live. And you’re still someone’s parent. So get your shit together and go out there and win the fight.

You can listen to the entire interview with Vampiro and director of the new documentary Nail in the Coffin: The Fall & Rise of Vampiro, Michael Paszt below.

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