Exclusive: Vampiro Had An Exorcism Performed To Remove Evil Spirit

Bodyslam owner Cassidy Haynes recently launched The Push podcast along with co-host Dom Mallon. One of their first guests was Vampiro and Michael Paszt, director of the new documentary Nail in the Coffin: The Fall & Rise of Vampiro.

The interview covered a wide variety of topics ranging from Vampiro’s spirituality, his illness, his favorite item in his house, asteroids, ghosts, and even a little about wrestling.

During their discussion the topic of paranormal activity came up, which led to Vampiro telling a story about this one time when he was doing a paranormal investigation show and how he became possessed by an evil spirit, to which he had to have an exorcism performed on him to remove the evil spirit that had attached itself to him.

Vampiro said:

“I was in Guatemala doing a segment for this paranormal show and we were in a morgue that was attached to a cemetery and right there they had a crematorium because there was the civil war and the government killed half the country and to this day you’re walking down the street and [see dead bodies]. So they would take these bodies and they would take them to what’s called a Fauso commune which is like a big swimming pool, it means “open community hole”. They would just dump these bodies in there because there’s no ID and there’s maybe 1,200-1,500 bodies every single day. So when nobody reclaims them and they’re just in this open pit they get thrown in the crematorium. So the energies there are just horrible.

I went to do an investigation [at this site] and I couldn’t even get into the crematorium because there were so many lost souls in there that I was freaking out. So we went into the morgue and as I was closing off the show an ambulance came in and left two bodies about ten feet behind me. I think one of them wasn’t dead yet. They came in after a shootout and were in body bags. So I swear, and I have it on my phone, that one of [the body bags] was still kinda moving. But as I was talking about it, I turned around and the lights started flickering right over the person who I was suspecting was in the process of passing on. I’m pretty sure that the person saw me because I walked toward it and as I walked toward it the lights and the electricity started bouncing and I had this cold feeling [that lasted about] two years.

My daughter would say to me ‘dad, there’s someone in the house’ and I would feel shit at night touch my neck so I got a doctor from Africa who practices Yoruba which is the first form of voodoo and we did an exorcism and we got rid of these spirits. But I’m telling you, it f****d me up so much, I was sick for like 2-3 years from it. I had this thing in me and I had to meditate like a motherf****r to get it out of me.”

You can listen to the entire interview with Vampiro on The Push Podcast below. The story about being possessed begins around the 59 minute mark.

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