More Wrestling Promotions Need to Use The BTE Template

For those not familiar, BTE (Being The Elite) is a show produced on YouTube by The Elite narrating the wacky adventures of the AEW roster. The show for years has gain a following and you could say was one of the major factors of the creation of AEW.

For some people BTE may just a simple YouTube show and nothing else, but in reality, The Elite have created a platform to help wrestlers get over on more than one occasion, from Flip Gordon to The Dark Order.

Seeing the success BTE has had with fans, it’s surprising no other wrestling promotion has taken the template of what BTE is and create their on version of it. The closest things could be the Fashion Files and The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness in WWE.

Promotions with deep rosters like WWE could definitely have their own YouTube shows. This type of content is always appreciated by fans, but most importantly it would allows wrestlers to try new things and without the pressure of performing on live TV.

The Dark Order are the best example of why a platform like BTE would be amazing to any promotion. This faction went from one of the worst parts of AEW into becoming lovely goofs everybody loves. BTE has allowed The Dark Order to evolve as a faction and as characters. Now everybody loves The Dark Order and wants to join them.

More promotions need to follow this template and create show like BTE. With platforms like this are easy to make and as BTE has proven they don’t cost much to produce.