5 Wrestling Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow Part VI

Here’s part 6 of more wrestling accounts you need to follow to make your wrestling Twitter experience a bit better.


Hare we have the master of wrestling puns. You will never find another twitter account so good at wrestling puns.

Mad Kurt

Mad Kurt is a serious candidate for wrestling Twitter account of the year. The greatest keyboard warrior is ready to face any challenge in the Godforsaken app that’s Twitter.

What Will Mongo Do Next?

A account dedicated to show wrestling fans the “greatest” moments of Mongo’s illustrious career.


If you are into the analytics and statistics part of profesional wrestling, then this account is for you. They do a great job showing you the data about matches and will help you learn new aspects about this sport.


Wrestling art is always amazing to check out on twitter and this account has some interesting art worth seeing every time you can.