WWE Reportedly Puts Top SummerSlam Feud On Hold

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused lots of plans to change, and it looks like a big SummerSlam program might be the latest victim.

Despite their recent pairing over the last few months, it had been rumored that Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley would be splitting up and beginning their highly anticipated singles program. It had been reported that the program had been put off and tentatively scheduled to culminate at this year’s SummerSlam in Boston. But that looks to no longer be the case.

According to a report from WrestleTalk, WWE’s original plan was for Sasha Banks vs. Bayley to happen at SummerSlam, but that match is no longer happening. Instead, WWE plans to extend their program and feud instead of carrying on with the plan they had in place over “the past few months.”

Originally SummerSlam was set to take place in Boston, which is also the hometown of Sasha Banks. The plan was for the match to take place at SummerSlam so The Boss could get the hometown pop. With the location of SummerSlam no longer being Boston, it looks like the decision was made to postpone their match.

“We’ve also been told that part of the reason for delaying Banks and Bayley’s match is because of the location that SummerSlam was set to take place.”

It looks as though WWE will continue to slowly progress the storyline and build for the inevitable Sasha Banks and Bayley match throughout the summer. We will have to see when or if WWE finally decides to pull the trigger on the feud.

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