5 Wrestling Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow Part V

Here more Twitter accounts you need to follow to make your social media experience better. Plus, there’s a bonus at the end worth checking out.

Fat Tapla

One of the best wrestling arts out there. Her art is always 5 stars. You can follow her on Twitter and if you like her work you can contact her for commissions.

Pampero Firpo

An amazing account celebrating the career of former three times NWA Heavyweight champion Pampero Firpo.


A very funny account. His threads about old segments of TNA are so great and spotlight some of the best and worst aspects of TNA.

The Wrestling Outsiders

This account has really good memes and video edits worth checking out. You won’t be disappointed.

Wrestling Signs

This Twitter account brings to your timeline some of the best and worst signs seen on wrestling events.

Bonus: Do not Follow Jeremy Lambert

We the Bodyslam family, have an ongoing feud with the talented guys from Fightful and we strongly suggest not following Jeremy Lambert on Twitter.