The WWE Royal Rumble and the SARMs

The WWE Royal Rumble and the SARMs

The much anticipated annual WWE Royal Rumble is finally here! This year’s edition of the event boasts enticing matches with renowned wrestlers including Daniel Bryan, Asuka and Becky Lynch taking to the ring. 

After the just concluded turn of the decade, Royal Rumble fans can now experience the most exciting PPV presented by World Wrestling Entertainment this year. The rumble is a precedent to WrestleMania with a successful wrestler proceeding to the grand stage to face off with the previous Royal Rumble winner. This competition has been and still is a major event in the WWE’s calendar and has become a fan favorite. 

This year is the third installation brought forward by the Royal Rumble containing a match for each of the genders. The wrestlers have trained immensely and are looking even better and fitter by the day, thanks to their use of SARMs. Should you seek more information about this, a detailed guide for SARMs helps you understand and even use the SARMs to help you get fitter and look better too!

The January 2020 edition of the Royal Rumble competition is scheduled to happen in Houston, Texas on the 26th. Should you wish to watch the event live, the WWE Network is the official channel through which you will be able to do so, providing quality live streams. 

The Men’s Chamber

In this corner, participants are engaged in drawing entry numbers labeled from one to thirty. They then move to the ring one after the other over some set time intervals of about a minute between each ring entry. Once they get in the ring, the wrestlers do what they do best, wrestle, throwing other wrestlers out of the wring. 

When a wrestler gets thrown off the ring over the ropes and has both feet on the floor then they are considered to be eliminated from the rumble. This continues until all the participants have entered the ring, wrestled, thrown other wrestlers out and there is only one man left standing. The last man standing is considered the rumble winner and decides whether to compete at WrestleMania for either the WWE or Universal Championship. 

Last year’s World Wrestling Entertainment Champion Brock Lesnar has vowed to prove his superiority in the competition by being the first to get into the ring in the Royal Rumble and proceed to win it by eliminating all the other participants. Should he get eliminated, however, it will be twice as interesting since he will be facing whoever wins the rumble. With experienced wrestlers such as Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton drawing for the rumble, this promises a feast for the eyes. 


The WWE Championship has kept fans entertained and remains one of the most interesting sports in the universe. The Royal Rumble is the icing on the cake as it offers a uniquely interesting angle to the competition. The 2020 edition of this competition promises to be even more entertaining. The wrestlers are looking even bulkier, fitter and better than ever before thanks to their adherence to the use of SARMs. Get a detailed guide for SARMs today to find out more.