5 Wrestling Twitter accounts You Need to Follow

Social media can se frustrating sometimes, specially on wrestling related things, but this accounts make the use of Twitter be a fun experience and enjoy the benefits of Twitter. This Twitter accounts are a must follow to every wrestling that has a Twitter account.

Simpsons Wrestling Memes

The combination of Simpsons and Wrestling is one of the greatest things people never knew until this account appeared. The Simpsons and Wrestling go so well together and make for very creative content.

The best thing of this account, is the fact he will retweet your Simpson wrestling memes too! So if feel creative and want to make a Simpsons wrestling meme, make sure to tag him.


This Twitter account is dedicated to “the greatest wrestler to ever live” Billy Gunn. This account will tell you some of the greatest achievements of the legendary career of the ‘Assman’.

Thanks to his outstanding work, more people are realizing that Billy Gunn is the greatest wrestler of all times.


Wrestling Twitter can be a very negative place sometimes, but one person who is very positive about the world of wrestling is her.

Thanks to her you’ll see some of the best aspects of wrestling in Twitter. A must follow account if you are a fan of AEW and NJPW.

Ric Flair Blade Job

This account is dedicated to some of the dankest wrestling memes you’ll ever see on Twitter. This account will make you laugh with his memes and video edits.


Ilyass King

He’s the Picasso of wrestling fan art, his art is just out of this world and with no doubts his the greatest artist to ever live. When he’s not making 5 star art, he is also giving you wrestling scoops. Truly a once in a generation Twitter account.