King: Kofi Kingston Finally Gets His Comeuppance

Last night at WWE Clash of Champions Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton, added the latest chapter to their decade-long storied rivalry. Their bitter rivalry was reignited, when Kofi handpicked “The Viper” to be his SummerSlam opponent for his WWE Championship. 

At SummerSlam, the vile Orton was punishing Kofi and instead of just beating him he wanted to make things personal. The Viper pointed to Kofi’s family, and that’s when the WWE Champion snapped. Kofi retained his title by disqualification, after beating the holy hell out of Orton with a kendo stick. 

In the weeks leading up to Clash of Champions, Orton and his new buddies The Revival viciously attacked The New Day. The Viper would strike during matches and drop Big E with an RKO. Why? Because Kofi Kingston is Stupid! On the August 19th episode of Raw, Orton forced Kofi to watch as Dawson held Xavier Woods’s leg and Dash smashed it from the top-rope. 

Last week on the Go-Home-Show Kofi and Orton were able to recreate their Madison Square Garden brawl all over the arena from ten years ago. Once again, Kofi hit a THUNDEROUS Boom-Drop through the rafters, onto his defenseless rival. So, by Sunday The Viper was ready to strike and reclaim his rightful place at the top of the food chain. 

When the match started, the WWE Champion came right out of the gate swinging for the fences. The fifteen-year veteran slowed everything down to a methodical pace, just as he likes it. After every vicious maneuver, The Viper gloated and gestured to the WWE Universe. 

The Viper became enraged and unleashed a hellacious beatdown on the outside, to the leader of the power of positivity. 

Finally, Kofi mounted a comeback firing on all cylinders bringing the fight to his long-time rival. 

It didn’t matter how vicious Orton became, even after an RKO he still couldn’t put away Kofi. The Viper dug down into his bag of tricks and attempted the heinous punt kick still though the WWE Champion survived.

If we’ve learned anything from the history of The Viper, he’s not going to stop his relentless attack on Kofi. Orton doesn’t take losses well, and this one will be no different. With Hell in a Cell right around the corner, be on the lookout for The Viper to stage another dastardly attack on his rival. Kofi and Orton are about to go somewhere they’ve never done battle before, inside HELL IN A CELL!!