205 Live Recap: Episode 144

Last week on 205 Live: The whole show was one very long match. It was a captains choice 5-on-5 elimination match. So basically 205 Live Survivor Series. Oney Lorcan and Humberto Carrillo were the survivors, last defeating Angel Garza. The match set up some feuds to carry over into this week and really made Angel Garza and his cousin Humberto Carrillo look like stars.

Cold Open

A recap of last weeks episode long match. Highlighting each elimination or big move that turned the tide of the match.

Drake Maverick has Oney and Carrillo in the back and tells them that since they both won the match, they will wrestle each other tonight and the winner gets Gulak at Clash of Champions.

Ariya Daivari vs. Kalisto

  • Storyline here is that Ariya has been talking to Lince Dorado a bunch about how Lince is better off on his own. Talking about how Kalisto is deserving of the opportunities Lince should be having. Kalisto is upset that Daivari is trying to end Lucha House Party. Also, Gran Metalik was attacked by someone in the back two weeks ago and Kalisto is sure that it’s Daivari.
  • Kalisto also tweeted out he is gonna be “free” in 10 months and then deleted the tweet. So I don’t look for him to be winning many matches for the rest of the year.
  • Ariya does some showboating early on, Kalisto hits a sequence that ends with a huge shoulder block. Then Kalisto does the same taunt that Daivari did.
  • Kalisto is wrestling with more urgency and aggression than he has in the past.
  • Daivari turned the tide of the match when Kalisto was on the apron and Daivari hit a dropkick to Kalisto, driving him across the floor into the barricade.
  • One thing I love about Daivari, is when people kick out of his pinfall attempts at two, he doesn’t have this look of utter shock on his face. His facial expressions show frustration, not big mouth all opened, eyes all wide and disbelief.
  • Daivari has yet to lose control of the match after that big dropkick. He puts Kalisto in wear down holds, hits high impact moves, like a big spinebuster. Keeps going for the pin and when Kalisto kicks out, Daivari does not let up.
  • Kalisto is able to fight back a bit by stopping himself from getting thrown into the turnbuckle and slowly fighting back. After hitting that jump on the ropes and hit an armdrag thing Fenix does a lot, Kalisto’s comeback is complete, but Daivari still kicks out at two.
  • Kalisto gets a Lucha chant going to set up for his finish, but Daivari is too smart, rolling out of the way. Then Daivari catapults the top rope into Kalisto’s throat. Kalisto fights back with a hurricanrana onto the outside of the ring. Both men are laid out.
  • Kalisto rolls Daivari in the ring, hits a 450 splash and has the match won, but Kalisto hooked Daivari’s legs so much, that Daivari’s legs went onto the ropes. Kalisto caused the kickout on his own pinfall!! That cracked me up.
  • Kalisto goes for Salida Del Sol, Daivari goes for Kalisto’s mask and that gives Ariya the advantage to hit his hammerlock clothesline for the win.

And I’m Like… That was a great match, it centered around Daivari wrestling a very smart match and Kalisto not giving up. Kalisto is his own worst enemy though, losing the match because he was over zealous and played to the crowd a bit. After the match Daivari beat down on Kalisto, Lince and Metalik came out and Lince did not attack Daivari but just talked to him a bit. Daivari keeps his ofer on the table for Dorado to join him. Kalisto looks worried at Lince. Real good shit here.

A recap of Nese’s portion of the match last week, since he joined the heel team. This doesn’t make much sense to me now because Drake said to Humberto and Oney that “since you now have a victory over Drew Gulak, you have to wrestle each other for the right to challenge for the championship.” Which bears the question, why join Drew’s team if it doesn’t equate to a championship match? Tony addresses that he still wants to be champion, but says he might need to not just be the “Premier Athlete” which is smart because he doesn’t have a gimmick or any character traits.

The Singh Brothers have a backstage promo about how they are going to study footage and take a break from 205 so they can come back better than ever. They are going ‘inside the Bollywood studio’.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Oney Lorcan

  • Oney Lorcan has been the only one to pin Humberto Carrillo in the last five months.
  • The five month undefeated streak is impressive, but then I realized the last two undefeated streaks in 205 Live was Cedric Alexander and Ariya Daivari. Cedric then went on a long losing streak after his winning streak was broken, and eventually called to the main roster. Daivari lost a few times after his streak was broken and is now regulated to breaking up Lucha House Party. So it could go either way for Humberto.
  • Oney and Humberto start with a feeling out process that transitions quickly to Lorcan going for his finish. When Carrillo fights out of it, Oney starts brawling.
  • Lorcan is the King of Aggression and Anger. He fights on the babyface side but is so vicious that he usually takes the heel role in a match if it’s not against Gulak. Very versatile.
  • Carrillo is finally able to dodge Oney’s wrath and fire back with explosive, high flying offense. Oney is overwhelmed it seems and doesn’t seem to find an opening to attack for a while. Carrillo dives to the outside and only hits Oney’s arm, because Lorcan wasn’t there to catch Carrillo.
  • Each man is landing hard strikes and seem to be in control for a couple moves before being the one getting beat on. Carrillo does a reverse rolling thunder and then a handspring Japanese arm drag. His offense is gorgeous.
  • Carrillo goes for a top rope moonsault and lands face first into Oney’s feet. Lorcan senses victory and does the weird taunt to try and get the crowd involved. Which never works.
  • 205 gets a little creative, having a yay/boo spot on the apron with Carrillo winning the battle. I realized no one on this show has battled on the top rope either, which is a 205 staple.
  • Carrillo going for the Aztec Press which starts with him doing a headstand on the top turnbuckle. Oney knows this and runs at Carrillo, hitting him with an uppercut.
  • These men are hitting so hard and giving us such creative offense. Each high impact move is a believable near fall. These men are killing it right now.
  • Lorcan is able to hit his half and half suplex finisher but, he hits it outside of the ring. The ref is counting Carrillo out, but Lorcan breaks the count so he can jump off the top rope.
  • Lorcan does a front flip onto a standing Carrillo. Then Lorcan rolls Carrillo into the ring and tries and succeeds with another front flip senton. Humberto kicks out at two. This match can go either way right now. The crowd is not giving this match the love it deserves either.
  • They finally are fighting on the top rope! 205 needs it at least once per episode. Carrillo fights off Lorcan for a bit but Oney is able to keep the top rope fight alive.
  • Humberto wins the top rope battle and ends up winning the match with a top rope front suplex and a Twisted Bliss.

And I’m Like… The camera cuts to crowd members that are really excited about Carrillo’s win. Now Drew vs. Humberto is set for Clash of Champions. Carrillo and Gulak have a good history to draw from as well. Gonna be a great match. Lorcan and Carrillo have great chemistry and both men rarely have a bad match. Another top notch episode of 205 Live.

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