NXT Recap: Episode 520 Takeover Hangover

Last time on NXT: Takeover happened. Street Profits retained over Undisputed Era. Velveteen Dream held on to his title after beating Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong. Io Shirai defeated a fully formed Candice LeRae. Shayna Baszler tapped out Mia Yim without any assistance. Adam Cole won the war against Johnny Gargano.

Cold Open

A recap of Takeover highlights set to Unsainted by Slipknot. Then the intro set to All Out Life by Slipknot.

Forgotten Sons vs. Breezango

  • Breezango comes out with their mash up theme song, which is surprisingly the best mash up theme song I can think of. Still weird they never got an official song.
  • Forgotten Sons have an innate ability to just appear on the screen and make me frown.
  • I can’t tell whether Steve Cutler has a thicc ass or not, I think he does, but his tights make it really hard to tell.
  • The match starts off quick and within 30 seconds Breeze is taking care of both Cutler and Blake outside of the ring.
  • The crowd and commentary sound weird. I feel like when Takeover was live the sound was crisper and the crowd was louder. Now not so much.
  • I think the tights are the problem with The Forgotten Sons. Both men seem to be pulling their tights up alot and the ass is all baggy on each. It’s weird cause it’s obviously spandex but there are patches sewn in. How do both men have ill fitting tights?
  • Breeze tried to get a tag to Fandango, but Ryker pulled Dango off of the apron. The ref decided to throw Ryker out. Which is good shit.
  • This match is so fast, the hot tag happened less than five minutes in. I don’t know if this match will slow down or these guys are getting tons of shit in in a small amount of time.
  • Fandango fucks and shows it by hitting a bevy of moves on both Sons. After taunting on the top rope and a mild distraction, Dango is now at the Mercy of the Sons.
  • A top rope frankensteiner by Cutler followed by a diving headbutt by Blake almost ended the match but Breeze was able to break up the pin. It’s like the teams knew what Profits and Undisputed Era were gonna do later and decided to have the better match.
  • The match never slowed down and after a almost 10 minute sprint, Fandango and Breeze won.

And I’m Like… This shit was so fast, I barely had time to digest what was happening. Fandango looks like gold with how well he wrestled. These guys made such quick work of the Sons, it feels like they catapulted themselves to the top of the tag team rankings.

A recap of the breakout tournament to hype the main event tonight. Cameron Grimes vs. Jordan Myles in the finals of the tournament.

A Street Profits vs. Undisputed Era recap happened. This always bugs me about NXT Takeover:Hangover. If we are watching NXT, we have the Network, which means we watched Takeover. So why does NXT recap Takeover during every Hangover?

That Io video is bonkers. Like really wild, sure Poppy adds a lot to it, but damn, this fucked up my day in a good way.

The 51 minute match between Gargano and Cole highlight package. That match had way more detractors than I thought it would. I enjoyed it.

Breakout Tournament Finals

Jordan Myles vs. Cameron Grimes

  • As much as I love Jordan Myles, having the nickname “Anime Action Hero” and a gimmick of “Smiles” I can’t help but think he will be lucky to even get a mid-card title run on the main roster.
  • I also can’t help but think that Cameron Grimes would be a perfect sidekick to Braun Strowman. They both are “country strong” and have similar characteristics. Cameron could play a kind of Spike Dudley character.
  • It’s so weird to not hear a reaction from the crowd. They were hot as hell for Takeover, but it seems the matches before it get crowd reactions similar to 205 Live.
  • Myles landed like 14 punches in a row unanswered. Cameron Grimes is getting the shit kicked out of him.
  • Cameron was getting worked over for a long time before busting out a flash Orange Crush for two. It legit was out of nowhere and changed the entire dichotomy of the match.
  • Problem is, Grimes couldn’t capitalize on it and ended up getting German’d for two. This match is jarring, Grimes appears to be the heel but there is no heat portion to this match. Grimes is just getting taken to the woodshed.
  • Grimes gets a few shots in, like pulling the middle rope back and hitting Myles in the face, the Orange Crush or a mid air powerslam counter. Nothing is sustained though.
  • Grimes gets a big kick in and immediately Myles counters the next move. It’s almost hilarious to me how this match is playing out.
  • Huge 450 splash from Jordan Myles for the win.

And I’m Like… Maybe I missed a lot of the match or something but that didn’t seem competitive at all. Like, at all. Myles dominated the match and made Grimes look like a chump. So we are getting a Myles vs. Cole match coming up? That seems like it will be a fun match.

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