MLW Fusion Recap Episode 68: Von Erichs vs. CONTRA; Mance Warner vs. Bestia 666

Last Week on MLW Fusion: Hammerstone and Davey Boy Smith Jr. faced off for the National Openweight Championship, Davey had the match well in hand, but Hammerstone and The Dynasty desecrated the Canadian flag, which prompted Davey to get so angry he got disqualified. Los Parks faced off against Dr. Wagner Jr. and El Hijo De Dr. Wagner Jr. It wasn’t that good of a match.

Cold Open

Salina De La Renta makes her way to the ring to cut a promo on Mance Warner. She said Mancer awoke a beast .Then introduced Bestia 666.

Death Match

Bestia 666 vs. Mance Warner

  • This deathmatch will stay in the ring because neither guy wants to get fired. The Sami Callihan drama has two sides to the story. Sami’s is he was fired because he spit water on Cornette and Cornette threw a hissy fit. Cornette said that Sami was working as backstage agent/producer, agented his own deathmatch with Mancer and went into the crowd when they were told not to. Sami damaged the venue and was fired for it. Needless to say, this shit is gonna stay inside the guardrail.
  • Crowd chants “we want blood” at the beginning of the match. Bestia dove to the outside while Mancer was making his entrance. Mancer used the actual turn buckle to dig at Bestia’s face. Now they going back and forth with a Singapore cane.
  • Mancer is bringing out doors and chairs from under the ring. Getting the crowd to clap for him and takes it to Bestia. “Deathmatches” are a lot like Lucha matches in the way of little story telling. Just fighting back and forth and reacting to the crowd.
  • Mance Warner introduced thumb tacks into the match and Bestia used them against Mancer. Warner has three thumbtacks stuck in his head.
  • If you are wondering what Cornette says about this, I don’t know either because I’ve decided to mute the show a few weeks ago until Tony Schiavone comes back.
  • First nearfall of the night is when Bestia hits Mancer with a trash can a couple times. Then Mancer gets a nearfall after spearing Bestia threw a door. I for one am in favor of doors over tables. The more doors used, the more special tables become.
  • We must be towards the end of the match because Mancer and Bestia enter a strike battle. Mancer wins the battle by taking a half of the door and breaking it over Bestia’s head.
  • Knee pad up, Knee pad down, dramatic pause, knee to the face only gets Mancer a two count.
  • Bestia gets powder in his hand, Salina sprays Mancer in the face with some hair spray and Bestia powders him. Then Mancer gets put into a Muscle Buster and then put threw some chairs.

And I’m Like… MLW shouldn’t call that a deathmatch. That was a plunder match or hardcore match. It was a fun match to watch but nothing really of consequence. Salina cheated for her talent to win, we’ve seen this before. MLW has this innate ability to book amazing matches on paper, but then it feels less special when you actually watch it. If wrestling were fashion, MLW would be the Affliction brand.

Davey Boy Smith’s sister Georgia Smith has been on the show for two weeks and is now making out with Hammerstone in the elevator. Kaci Lennox, the backstage interviewer, creep-shotted Hammerstone and then caught Georgia entering his elevator.

The we cut to Kaci interviewing Richard Holliday, Ariya Blake and Hammerstone. They call the rumors fake news and that they have no comment at the time.

Pro Wrestling Noah and MLW have entered into a working relationship including a talent exchange.

CONTRA promo with their weird reverse bass line. Josef warns the crowd not to throw trash in the ring, or he will beat Von Erich’s even more. Then says “we don’t believe in nothing man”

Ricky Martinez w/ Salina De La Renta vs. Low Ki

  • Konnan is now on commentary, so I’m turning the sound up.
  • Ricky made his way to the ring and his music played for a lot longer than it should have. Weird stalling thing.
  • If you don’t know, Low Ki’s new gimmick is winning the match in one move.
  • I’ve been to boxing matches where the dudes take 10-15 minutes to enter the ring and then the match ends in a matter of seconds.
  • Before the bell rings, Ricky throws a coat at Low Ki and attacks him off the bat. So Low Ki hasn’t hit a move yet and Ricky is attacking like a pitbull.
  • Konnan is on commentary and says he stole Salina’s phone and has some pictures. Says they are boarderline XXX and then all three commentator’s say how excited they are to look in her phone, because “we are all pervs here”. Salina is three feet away from Konnan, who has her phone and she isn’t even asking about her phone or looking at commentary. The phone is just sitting on the table. This is so fucked. Commentary joking about revenge porn, Salina not even aware that her missing phone is a few feet away.
  • Then the camera cuts away to commentary smiling at the phone. After about three minutes, Ricky Martinez spots Salina’s phone from the ring, draws attention to it, Salina NOW walks over. Konnan hides the phone behind his back and says “this is my phone” and “I’ll throw it into the crowd”. All whilst Ricky taps out in the ring, and the ref doesn’t call for submission and keeps asking Martinez if he gives up. So Martinez passes out.
  • Salina doesn’t care about her phone anymore. I don’t know whats going on, the volume is going back down.

And I’m Like… So the babyface is threatening revenge porn, the phone that has the “texts and pictures” that will “go viral when shown”, Konnan threatened to throw into the crowd. Salina gives up trying to get it because Konnan says this might ruin her career because of his secrets. Low Ki won in a not dominating fashion. This was an absolutely horrible segment, just garbage. ESPCIALLY given the fact that Salina already sells salacious pictures of herself, which makes Konnan’s threats lame. AND THE BABYFACE IS USING REVENGE PORN, which is a crime. I know not having a women’s division is one thing, but MLW is trying to be the “boys club” of wrestling and not wanting women to even watch the product.

Kotto Brazil joined Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver. Kotto started swearing a bunch saying the refs and MLW are against him. All three cut a bit of a promo that they need justice. All wearing orange jumpsuits. Interesting.

Tom Lawlor cuts a promo in the middle of a parking lot while the camera man films behind a fence, starting by focusing on the barbed wire that tops the fence. Then the camera pans down so that Lawlor cuts his promo through the fence. He says himself and Jacob will go to war in New York City. Tom bit the fence, walked away, the fence opened and Tom said “we aren’t done”, then talks about tasting blood and entrails and then says “I want to taste your life”, which is…. yeah. In Dallas it’s CONTRA vs. Lawlor and the Von Erich’s inside the War Chamber. I guess he is invoking his rematch clause in that match… So War Chamber is a championship match?

The Hart Foundation is met by Kaci Lennox at the bar. She says “Davey Boy have you seen this video? Then shows the video that we are told she shot. Davey says “where is this from?” and Kaci, who shot the video, says “it’s just going around”. But, if Davey wanted to get to the bottom of it, he looks for th first person to post it, or watch this episode, and he will see that Kaci Lennox is stirring all the shit. “It’s all over the internet” she says, Davey gets mad and walks away, Teddy stays at the bar.

CONTRA Unit (Simon Gotch, Josef Samael) vs. Ross and Marshal Von Erich

  • Okay I left the sound on and heard “This match is unsanctioned becase MLW wants nothing to do with Contra Unit. Even though the Tom Lawlor promo before this match started said that Contra is booked in the War Chamber……. Turned the volume back down. Lol, MLW.
  • Contra is trying to antagonize the fans but they look like they are trying too hard.
  • The Von Erich’s are just like their dad, super intense physically but the dullest promo’s.
  • The match starts with The Von Erich’s jumping off the top rope and locking the claw on both members of Contra.
  • This is a tornado tag match, Gotch is working over Ross’ knee and Marshall is chopping Samael on the outside. I get a sense this match will not have much story and just be a brawl.
  • The Von Erich’s are getting beat the fuck down. Ross’ leg is a hindrance in the this match and it keeps him out of the ring while Samael and Gotch beat on Marshall.
  • Marshall ends up firing up and fighting off both members until Ross can show up and make a save. The Von Erich’s are now in control and looks like they have a lot of crowd support.
  • There is a chair used in the match but it’s MLW so it’s legal. Samael then tries to use a fireball but Ross blocked it with a chair, then The Von Erich’s won. That finish was super creative. Real good shit. Von Erich’s have something special about them.
  • Simon and Samael attack after the bell and this brawl continues.

And I’m Like… This is the second time that The Von Erich’s and Contra have brawled as the show has ended. It’s just non-stop and would be a lot cooler if Tom Lawlor didn’t already say that they will be wresting in War Chamber. MLW doesn’t want anything to do with Contra, but they book matches for their next show instead of getting rid of them like Callihan. A “riot squad” came down to the ring to get Contra to leave. This feud is getting so hot, not even a ring can contain them, if only there were a chamber of war to hold these teams. Man MLW just shoots themselves in their own foot with how they edit their show.

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