MLW Fusion Recap Episode 67: Los Parks vs. Wagners & Davey Boy Smith Jr vs. Hammerstone

Last week on MLW Fusion: Ace Austin used his magic cane to hit Air Wolf behind the refs back and pick up a win. Low Ki knocked out Ariel Dominguez with one strike. The Dynasty defeated The Hart Foundation to take home the MLW Tag Team championships.Oh and Mancer is like hunting people now.

Cold Open

Salina De La Renta is sitting on a bed with a glass of wine. Like those commercials back in the day. The wine won’t spill. She is dreessed in a dress similar to LA Park. Then she takes her wine, which resembles blood and spells out 666. Everything is black and white except for the blood, her finger tips, and her lips. Then she “drinks the blood”. She has summoned Bestia 666 to take out Mance Warner.

MLW National Openweight Championship

Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

  • The Dynasty is draped in gold, but MJF isn’t with them during the pre-match promo. They talk hella shit about DBS to Georgia Smith. Richard Holliday called Hammerstone a “meat castle”. Which is just tremendous.
  • Richard Holliday is really stepping it up when it comes to not being the third wheel in the Dynasty. We only have maybe one more taping before MJF is exclusive to AEW.
  • Hammerstone is sick of being compared to Davey Boy and wants to put him away tonight.
  • Davey Boy comes out alone, once again the Hart Foundation has one guy out there. They are never together as a unit, it’s ridiculous.
  • The match starts off with a lock up and some chain wrestling, then Hammerstone calls for a test of strength and does a cheap shot to get a headlock on. These are the two “strongest” wrestlers in MLW and they don’t start off with a longer version of the test of strength. It’s a weird vibe this match is giving off.
  • Davey is distracted early on by the Dynasty and is at a huge disadvantage. Like every Hart Foundation vs. Dynasty match before it.
  • Davey is just getting his ass worked over, Hammerstone hits a running powerslam, which is Davey’s finish. That makes Smith made and we are in a strike battle now.
  • This match feels very by the numbers to me. MLW has an innate ability to make special matches feel regular as hell.
  • Davey has the crossface on and when the camera zooms in to see if Hammerstone will tap out, the crowd is expressionless. Like, no clapping or facial reactions, it’s weird.
  • Dynasty are cheating and Davey is still fighting from underneath.
  • They trade German suplexes and Davey is getting nearfalls now with every pin attempt. One of the nearfall was an obvious three.
  • MJF spit on the Canadian flag and picks his nose with it. Like Shawn Michaels when he feuded with The Hart Foundation.
  • DBS doesn’t care about winning because “country pride” and uses the flag as a weapon. He is disqualified, even though it’s the ref that never disqualifies anyone.

And I’m Like… So Davey loves Canada so much that when his flag is misrepresented, he throws all ambition to be champion out the window so he can break the flag over Hammerstone’s back. Makes sense.

An add for the MLW PPV Superfight is shown. I’m sorry but I would not pay money to watch MLW.

The Von Erich’s cut an energy-less promo in a vignette about how they are coming for Contra Unit.

Recap of Mancer hunting Promociones Dorado

Konnan cuts a promo outside and it’s windy. He is going to expose Salina’s pictures? Her days of running MLW are over.

Contra Unit have a vignette promo about how they have control and power over MLW because they have the championship. They now are asking for contracts with any promotion that wants them? Or, maybe contracts for matches? I don’t know, they have power and they want contracts.

Mancer cuts a backstage promo in an all black room. He has a chain around his neck and says he will kill the devil. Mancer says he likes to get bloody, then Mancer picks up a “bucket of blood” and rubs it all over his face.

Los Parks w/ Salina De La Renta vs. El hijo De Dr. Wagner Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr.

  • Has Hijo De LA Park wrestled on a card that his Dad hasn’t wrestled on?
  • When Hammerstone wrestled DBS, it was light outside, now it’s super dark out. Time moves fast in MLW.
  • Wagner Jr. and LA Park start off the match. Wagner lost his mask but is wearing it in this match. The Wagner’s dive in stereo to the outside and take out Los Parks. It looks like this match will be playing fast and loose with the rules.
  • Lack of tags, LA Park usually uses weapons without disqualification. The ref is the same ref who DQ’d DBS, so it will be interesting to see how much the rules are enforced.
  • All four men have been in the ring for close to five minutes, I’m pretty sure this is under normal tag rules, but the ref isn’t making anyone leave the ring.
  • Typical Lucha match with not much in the way of story, or rules apparently. Hijo De LA Park stands on the apron for a few seconds before all four men are back in the ring.
  • A top rope Spanish fly from Hijo De LA Park to Hijo De Wagner Jr. and there is just innovative moves all over the place. I really don’t know who is legal or what the hell is even going on.
  • I don’t really know what to say about this match. Wagner and Park are standing next to each other, pointing at the crowd and looking around. They aren’t even fighting each other. Then they just start wrestling again. The sons are on the outside of the ring, not the apron, just standing on the outside like managers.
  • The referee was pulled out of the ring during a pinfall and the ref didn’t call for the bell or anything. YOU CAN’T HAVE THE SAME REF IN TWO MATCHES HAVE DIFFERENT RULES!!! This company has the same consistency to rules as 100% pulp orange juice when unshaken.
  • The sons attempt a suplex from the outside to the inside, they aren’t able to get the move done so they just turn it into a superplex. People in the crowd are visually yawning.
  • They are now diving onto each other at such speeds that the guard rails are being pushed onto the fans. The wrestlers aren’t selling the dives and just standing there.
  • LA Park hits a spear on Hijo de Wagner Jr. and gets the win.

And I’m Like… I try to go into MLW shows with optimisim, but there is just so much that makes this show a third rate wrestling promotion. Outside of production, this show is just not good. It’s so hard to like the whole 45 minutes. Maybe it’s because I recap NXT and 205 Live which are also one hour shows. I just don’t know what MLW is trying to do. They are all over the place with the majority of it being bad. They have so much talent, but the show is just not good. I don’t get it at all. I really don’t.

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