205 Live Recap: Episode 138

Last week on 205 Live: Sunil Singh lost to The Brian Kendrick to set up a feud with The Singh Brothers against Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick. Gentleman Jack Gallagher was having a showcase match until Mike Kanellis showed up complaining about Drake Maverick and how Maverick is the reason Maria doesn’t like Mike anymore. Oney Lorcan and Ariya Daivari had a NODQ match that was an all out fight. Lorcan wins after superplexing Daivari through two tables.

Cold Open

A recap of Extreme Rules where Drew Gulak put away Tony Nese. Tony was talking about how Drew pinned Akira Tozawa to win the championship and not Tony in the triple threat. So Drew pinned Tony on Sunday to prove Gulak is the best.

Drew opens the show with a backstage promo. Drew said Tony never had the killer instinct to hold the belt. This is a new Drew Gulak and his “grip on the championship grows tighter by the day”.

Akira Tozawa w/ The Brian Kendrick vs. Samir Singh w/ Sunil Singh

  • The Singh Brothers give Akira Tozawa and Boscar for “Best Comeback” in a backstage promo but never offer him the trophy.
  • Samir is dominating the mach early on, and wiggling his hips while he does it. When Daniel Bryan said he wanted to take tag team wrestling to the main event, to stop all the hip swiveling. I never realized until now that there are three tag teams in WWE that constantly swivel their hips.
  • Tozawa turns up the heat and when Samir is on the outside, Tozawa runs across the apron onto the steps and hits a senton to the floor with reckless abandon.
  • Sunil tries to cheat but The Brian Kendrick is there to thwart the Singh’s attempt. That causes SAMIR to be distracted and Akira Tozawa picked up the victory because of that.
  • The Brian Kendrick then saves Akira from a beat down and hit to the face by the Boscar.

And I’m Like… The match was basic but it served a bigger purpose to build the rivalry between The Singh’s and Kendrick and Tozawa. There isn’t much more to say about that.

Another look at Humberto Carrillo. He always wanted to be in WWE, he wanted to bring lucha to WWE and now he wants to be cruiserweight champion.

Mike Kanellis vs. Jackson James

  • Mike comes out alone. Maria’s name isn’t even on the entrance graphic. He looks focused and a tad bit lost. Let’s be honest, Maria has turned a corner and he should be without her. I was a big fan of them and their love, but after the way Mike’s been treated, how can I be?
  • Mike said he can’t be held accountable for what happens in this mach. He is now dominating Jackson and not letting Jackson get an offensive maneuver in.
  • They show Maria backstage smiling. Maybe Maria realized that unconditional love wasn’t getting Mike anywhere in his career. If all he cares about is Maria’s love, maybe taking it away will drive Mike. She always was there for him after every loss, now she isn’t. That could be the motivator.

And I’m Like… Drake’s talents are wild. He can be a complete goof on Raw and still be respectable on 205 Live. The character is even brought up but Drake knows when to be serious. This storyline is tremendous, it has so many layers and complexities. You can’t explain it in a few sentences. Both men are playing their roles very well and I am invested in this.

A recap of the NoDQ match between Daivari and Lorcan. The replay package shows every high spot in the match. This match as more “extreme” than any match on actual Extreme Rules. Maybe Braun and Lashley could give them a run for their money.

Chad Gable vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

  • Before the match starts we are reminded of their encounter last month. It was one of, if not the best match on 205 Live.
  • The match starts with a handshake. Having Gable across the ring from Gallagher really enhances Gable’s body and look. Dude is tan as hell, oiled up and full of muscle. Gallagher is pasty white and built but looks almost like a joke when next to Gable.
  • This match is starting off with wrist locks and wrist lock counters. Get out your lab kits kids, cause this shit is scientific.
  • The crowd reacted more to the opening minutes of counter wrestling, than they have the whole night.
  • The match is building, Chad has decided to take Jack’s left leg and deliver multiple attacks to it. The dragon screw was so vicious it got it’s own replay. Both of these men are so technically proficient. This is the wrestling I pop for!
  • Jack starts fighting back, not selling his leg, but landing a crazy punch on the face of Gable and then a stalling suplex. The crowd made some noise for Gallagher as he held Gable up.
  • Gallagher has gotten angry at Gable and started to make this match a brawl. Gable sticks to his game plan and continues to out wrestle Jack. Jack’s body is now showing welts and bruises.
  • An out of this world headbutt leveled the playing field when Gallagher landed it on Gable. That leads to a strike fest.
  • Usually when a strike fest starts, I mention that it’s the beginning of Act III in the match. Aiden English on commentary said the same exact thing. As the strike fest started, Aiden said “this is the beginning of Act III”.
  • The commentary team is getting very excited and the energy is palpable. The crowd is getting louder and louder. As the match continues the magic is being felt in the arena and through the television screen.
  • There was an audible noise from the crowd when Gable got his foot on the rope. It wasn’t a groan or a sound of joy, it was just a noise. Everyone is invested in this shit.
  • It wouldn’t be an episode of 205 Live without two wrestlers battling on the top rope. Gallagher and Gable did just that, Gallagher went for a back suplex, but Gable reversed in mid-air, reminiscent of Bret Hart vs. Razor Ramon at King of the Ring ’93.
  • Jack kicks out of that and Gable is able to transition into a bridging German suplex for the victory.
  • The crowd gives this match a standing ovation, the camera pans to the commentary team, also giving a standing ovation.

And I’m Like.. WHAT. A. Fucking. MATCH! I don’t know what to say, words can’t describe this. This needs to be watched and appreciated. If you watch a match at all this year, make sure it’s this one. This is the pinnacle of professional wrestling. PROFESSIONAL wrestling. Just fucking beautiful.

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