205 Live Recap: Episode 137

Last week on 205 Live: Lucha House Party beat The Singh Brothers in a typical LHP match. Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak and Mike Kanellis faced off against Tony Nese, Jack Gallagher and Oney Lorcan in a match that never got out of the first gear. The whole show felt very flat, let’s hope they pick it back up on this episode.

Cold Open

Oney Lorcan starts with saying that tonight is No Disqualification against Ariya and if Oney wants to give Daivari more stitches, he will. Then Daivari jumps him and Drake Maverick and Adam Pearce have to break them up. Hot start to a hot feud.

Sunil Singh vs. The Brian Kendrick

  • So this feud started because of this segment. Samir Singh I think I like more, but they are equally annoying.
  • Sunil wanted to teach Kendrick how to do a Bolly handshake, Kendrick punched Sunil in the face.
  • Kendrick then Bolly dances to taunt Sunil.
  • Sunil is thrown out of the ring and when Brian follows, Samir distracts Kendrick and that’s how the tide turns.
  • As Kendrick gets beat down, Sunil does a taunt in between every move, even the classic Hollywood Blondes Steve Austin camera filming taunt. Aiden English says “Do they think they are the Bollywood Blondes?”.
  • The crowd is pretty much dead for this but the wrestlers are doing their best to tell the story. Sunil and Samir are too full of themselves and Kendrick is the wily veteran fighting from underneath.
  • Kendrick’s comeback lasts about seven moves and he has Sunil tapping out.
  • Samir jumps in the ring and its a Bollywood beatdown. Akira Tozawa’s music hits and Tozawa comes out to save his friend.

And I’m Like… Looks like we have a new tag team feud in 205 Live. The match was very basic but it worked to make the Singh Brothers annoying enough to want them to lose. Look forward to about four plus weeks of this feud.

We have a three part interview series with Humberto Carrillo. Video shows Humberto when he was Ultimo Ninja. We see a glance of Angel Garza and hear how Humberto left his family in Mexico to pursue his dream.

Jack Gallagher vs. Local Competitor

  • I feel like if you are going to be a local comepetitor, at least wear ordo something to maximize your minutes and stand out.
  • It’s hard for Dude to do that though because as soon as the bell rings, commentary talks about Gallagher’s feud with Mike Kanellis.
  • Jack ties up his opponent in the bottom rope for some jolly good fun. Then hits his stalling suplex.
  • Right before Jackwins the match, “Cuck” Mike Kanellis starts destroying the commentary area screaming “C’mon Drake I am gonna ruin your show”. As Kanellis is told by one referee and one agent to leave, he leaves. Drake looks sad, Mike looks weak.
  • Jack wins with a headbutt.

And I’m Like… So this showcase was ruined by Kanellis. Mike might be feuding with Drake Maverick or Jack Gallagher. Not really sure where the Kanellis story is going on Raw or 205.

Drake Maverick goes to talk to Mike man to man. Drake apologizes for chasing the 24/7 championship. Maverick says he neglected his own wife, but tells Mike he can’t act out because he doesn’t like how his wife is treating him. Mike is near tears as he says Maverick caused all of his problems. Kanellis says that Maverick ruined his life and so Mike will ruin 205 Live. Then Kanellis is upset that he is getting fined. Kanellis is really losing it mentally.

Anything Goes Match

Oney Lorcan vs. Ariya Daivari

  • The match starts with a fight in the entrance ramp. A ladder, chair and chain are all introduced. Ariya is in control and Oney really knows how to sell pain.
  • Oney changes the momentum in the match when Oney throws Daivari into a ladder. We are five minutes in and both men already look battered. This feud is all about PAIN.
  • Also, remember when Chad Gable had that banger of a match with Gallagher and it ended all weird and we never heard from Gable again? What’s with that shit?
  • Oney is using the ladder to destroy Daivari, Lorcan goes for the pin but Ariya kicks out.
  • This match seems to not really have a story outside of trying to hurt your opponent. It’s a few weapon spots, a pin attempt, rinse and repeat.
  • After Oney does a drop toe hold to Daivari onto the chair, much of the crowd stands up. People are watching this brutal fight but not reacting. Oney tries to pump the crowd up and does a flip over the top rope. Crowd responds with “We Want Tables”.
  • Oney grabs a table and the crowd erupts. Biggest pop of the night. “Yes” chant and everything.
  • Daivari stops Lorcan after the table enters the fray, Ariya tries to jump off the apron at Lorcan who Sabu throws a trash can at him.
  • Oney pulls out eight chairs from under the ring and keeps throwing them at Daivari.
  • As the weapon attacks get more vicious, it’s funny to see the parents in the crowd. The kids look genuinely worried and the parents really look nervous. It seems this match is bringing a level of violence some people haven’t seen.
  • Lorcan is back dropped onto the seven chairs that were set up in the seated position. Fans are cringing at how painful that would be.
  • Ariya starts setting the table up, but then he just climbs the ladder and does a splash off the second to the top rung. Oney kicks out, so then Daivari sets the table up.
  • Ariya brings out another table. I think if each man had a second in their corner, who could get weapons and set them up, it would make matches flow better. Ariya is grabbing a third table because the second one broke and its just taking the energy out of the crowd.
  • Lorcan crotches Daivari on the top rope and the obligatory 205 fight on the table spot happens. Lorcan superplexes Daivari through the two tables and gets the pin.

And I’m Like… That was a fight. It never reached the levels of Buddy Murphy vs. Ali from last year, but it was good in it’s own right. The setting up of the weapons set for a weird pace, the crowd was up and down because of it, but they cheered for the table spot. I’m pretty sure this is the end of the feud, even though Daivari didn’t get stitches.

The show ends with a video package of Drew and Tony. They were friends in 2016 and over the next few years they spent a lot of time together. Then there was a split in their friendship because “Drew was trying to be a politician”. Drew said Tony only cares about his abs. The true breaking point was when Nese beat Gulak for the Wrestlemania Cruiserweight championship match.

Hopefully the cruiserweights steal the show again. A refocused Drew vs. a Tony Nese. This episode was a fine episode, it just seemed like “going through what was planned.” and not getting the fans invested. That Chad Gable episode was the best episode ever, and with that taste still in my mouth, it’s hard to forget. Which makes these other episodes subpar in comparison.

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