Independent Wrestler Tito Escondido Stops Fan Assault Mid-Match, Fan Tries To Fight Cops

Attending wrestling shows should mean that you are there for entertainment. The only risk should be for the participants and talents in the event. You shouldn’t have to get an HIV test after the event, or be afraid for your own well being. Especially as a woman attending the event. Wrestling shows have a stereotype of being testosterone driven and mainly male, it’s hard enough for some women to feel safe outside of wrestling shows, let alone at the event.

Rest assured that when Tito Escondido is wrestling on the event. He will take it upon himself to make sure the crowd is safe. At an event titled “Bumps and Bruises” Tito was wrestling a match when a woman was being assaulted by a fan in the crowd. Tito left the ring, apprehended the fan until police were called and then finished the match. Fan reports say that the assaulter was then trying to fight police as well.

Famous MMA fighter and wrestling personality Josh Barnett also commented on the incident.

Tito can be commended for being a stand up dude and doing what’s right. He can also add the feather in his cap of finishing the match he was involved in.

One more thing, fans in the audience of wrestling shows. Don’t be dicks, enjoy the show, boo and cheer but be respectful. 2019 has had too many incidents of fans overstepping their boundaries and let this serve as a reminder.

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