Kenny Omega’s Custom Akuma Street Fighter Gear Didn’t Arrive In Time To Use At Fyter Fest

AEW’s Fyter Fest took place last night in conjunction with the CEO Fighting Game Championships which was held at the Ocean Center in Daytona, Florida. The weekend featured a huge video game convention with numerous tournaments to crown a world champion in many different games, with a pro wrestling twist and aspect mashed into it.

Fyter Fest featured a six-man tag team match between The Elite (The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) versus the Lucha Brothers and Laredo Kid. The Elite came out dressed in custom ring gear which paid tribute to their favorite video game, Street Fighter. Matt Jackson came dressed as Ryu, and Nick was Ken. However some fans may not have realized that Kenny Omega was supposed to be the Street Fighter character Akuma, and apparently there is a reason for that as his custom Fyter Fest Akuma inspired ring gear wasn’t shipped in time for his match last night.

During the post Fyter Fest media scrum The Young Bucks talked about their match against the Lucha Bros and Laredo Kid, and the inspiration for their unique ring gear. The Bucks gear was made by Denise Cutler the wife of fellow AEW roster member Brandon Cutler, but Omega’s was not and apparently wasn’t set to be shipped to arrive until the Monday following Fyter Fest.

“Kenny’s seemstress did not deliver his gear in time. It’s shipping by Monday, so he said that’s a little too late.”

“She’s like, I’ll have it to you by Monday, and he’s like “okay, so I’ll be never be able to use those ever.” “

You can see The Young Bucks talking about Kenny Omega’s and their ring gear for Fyter Fest Below.

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(Feature image credit IssitaMarie on Twitter.)