CM Punk’s Theme Music Was Played At An NXT Event

CM Punk has been retired from wrestling for over five years. The lasting impact that he had on fans still shows through to this day. The chants may have died down over the years, but “CM Punk” can be heard echoing throughout WWE arena’s every once in a while.

Usually the chant is said at either a McMahon or during boring parts of a match. When said at a McMahon, they play it off like they don’t care and almost belittle the audience for trying.

While a major star for WWE, CM Punk was able to get the company to secure the rights to the song “Cult of Personality” by Living Color. The song once again entered the billboard charts after not being on for many years. The song became synonymous with Punk.

As you can see, on WWE’s developmental brand ran by HHH, NXT, Punk’s theme song was played. There wasn’t many in attendance or much of a reaction. It’s still very peculiar that this song would be played, even if it was just background music before the show began.

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