How Shane McMahon Got Luke Perry To Talk To Tommy Dreamer About Jungle Boy

Beloved actor and wrestling fan Luke Perry recently passed away after complications brought on from a stroke. Not only was Luke an avid wrestling fan, but he was also a loving father. A father who would do all he could to support his son by using his Hollywood connections to help jump start Jungle Boy’s career.

On Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore Podcast, he shed light on the first interaction he had with Luke Perry in regards to Jungle Boy.

So one day, I’m hanging out at my house, and my phone rings. It’s a phone number I don’t recognize, and I pick up the phone in my usual angry Tommy Dreamer voice. My tough guy voice… So I was like “Hello” and he was like “Hi, may I speak to Tommy Dreamer please.” “Speaking”. “Hi this is Luke Perry, I got your phone number from Shane McMahon and I wanted to talk to you about my son.” In those moments, where first you always have to realize, is this a wrestler pranking me? The wrestler Nova would always prank me. We used to have bizarre prank wars, back in the day of ECW. Then I’m like “wow, this is really Luke Perry.” so then I was just like, “Hey man, how are you doing? What’s going on?” super duper now I’m no longer tough, inside I’m glowing. He asked me if I could check out some of his sons stuff. Through a mutual friend, Shane McMahon’s secretary sent me some of his stuff, and you know I was like “hey man this kids got some potential, he’s on the right track.” and I passed on some knowledge.

Tommy Dreamer House of Hardcore Podcast

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