King Kong Bundy Was So Ashamed Of A Match He Asked Paul Heyman To Never Air The Footage

If you aren’t listening to Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore Podcast yet, you are really missing out on some great stories. Tommy’s wrestling career has spanned three decades and two centuries, he has been involved in so many of the companies that are prevalent today, as well as the past. The stories and little tidbits he shares are really worth listening to.

On a recent episode of the House of Hardcore Podcast, Tommy was reminiscing about one of the times King Kong Bundy wrestled for ECW.

King Kong Bundy was in the original ECW, and that’s the first time I met him. I want to say, the match was; Terry Funk and King Kong Bundy vs. Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart and Hawk. This was during Eastern Championship Wrestling, but it was still ECW. The biggest stipulation going into that, that King Kong Bundy went right to Paul, and I didn’t really know Paul that well. He said “Paul, no matter what, you don’t ever air this on television.” Paul said “Chris, I give you my word.” That was King Kong Bundy’s name, Chris. Paul said “Chris, I give you my word I won’t do it.” and to his credit, Paul never aired that match. If it wasn’t that specific match, it was a combination of all four of them. The match wasn’t the best. However, the fact that Paul lived to the stipulations, up until WWE recently released that footage. I was always like, it was an ongoing joke with me and Taz and Bubba, when we talk about Paul. He is kind of like Darth Vader, there is some good in him.

Tommy Dreamer House of Hardcore Podcast

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