Exclusive: High Spot Podcast- Shane Strickland Interview – Thoughts On Lucha Underground & AEW, And More

Shane Strickland is one of pro wrestling’s hottest free agents and he sat down with High Spot Podcast and BodySlam.net for an exclusive interview.

“The King of Swerve” talks about his time Lucha Underground, his dream opponent in 2019 and thoughts on AEW. Plus, so much more! Below are a few highlights of our talk with the former MLW Champion.

High Spot PodcastDiscuss your time with Lucha Underground? Would you re-sign for a Season 5?

Shane Strickland “I think I finished my tenure with Lucha Underground very well with the Killshot character. I’ve done something with character that nobody really expected. I don’t think the company even expected the character to get as popular, but it did in that promotion, so it like comes with the company putting faith into my work, and my abilities and they did for a certain extent, but I don’t feel like I was ever put out to be at the forefront of the promotion and I want to go some place that does believe in me, does believe in that ability and can honestly compliment me for that.

So if Lucha Underground was to offer me Season 5 I probably wouldn’t take the deal. There’s no slight against them it’s just that I’m a different point in my career of where I am as Shane Strickland opposed to Killshot. I feel like I can do a lot more and I can benefit a company more as myself, rather than portraying a different character.”

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