MLW Fusion Recap Episode 37: Konnan vs. Low Ki – No DQ World Title Match

Last time on MLW: It was a Christmas half hour special. PCO and Brody King had a no disqualification match that could be both of their last appearances in MLW before heading to ROH. Ace Austin and Myron Reed had an outstanding match, showing us that the future of wrestling looks very promising. MJF faced off against Puma King in a flag match that Puma King won.

Cold Open

A video package retelling the feud between Konnan and Salina De La Renta. Salina has the MLW World Championship in her stable with the champion Low Ki. Showing how Low Ki has taken out everyone of Konnan’s challengers until Low Ki finally challenged Konnan. So tonight in Konnan’s hometown it’s Konnan vs. Low Ki for the MLW World Championship.

Simon Gotch will make a statement on his loss to Tom Lawlor

Simon Gotch Prize Fight

Simon Gotch vs. Ace Romero

  • Simon’s theme song is pretty heavy and gives him more of a bad ass aura than he previously had. Gotch is very eloquent when he speaks. He really has a lot to hate, the macho personality mixed with the elegance of a Nick Bockwinkel.
  • What’s great about Acey taking the challenge is his size immediately makes him a threat but his inexperience gives him a viable chance to fail.
  • Gotch is a very technical/scientific type wrestler with some MMA style moves as well. This is a really good pairing of two really talented wrestlers.
  • This match has to last five minutes for Acey to get the $20k that Simon has offered up. It’s nice that there isn’t a countdown clock too. Just the announcer letting us know how many minutes have passed. Then tension is really thick in this match that has no story.
  • Acey didn’t need five minutes though, he did a crossbody for the win. Just like how Dusty beat Harley, how Flair beat race, the crossbody brings another victory to it’s user.
  • Romero is throwing money into the crowd like he was Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania.

And I’m Like… That was a perfect wrestling match. It established characters off the bat, created an interesting dynamic, showed smarts while telling a story and had a fun finish that excited the crowd. Great stuff.

Kotto Brazil’s altercation with Ricky Martinez in a night club is reported on again. Kotto got some glass in his eye when a champagne bottle was broken over his head. At least he didn’t get stabbed like John Cena.

Martinez sent a music video of him with strippers and slapping ass and having them pour drinks into his mouth. Apparently he made this video after sending Kotto to the hospital. It must have been fun for Ricky to film this. He probably LOVES MLW right now.

Ariel Dominguez vs. Andrew Everett

  • Ariel has virtually no reception from the crowd but dude is cut like a fighter.
  • Andrew also has little to no reaction. Everett has made a bit of a name for himself these past few years and from what I’ve seen out of him, he is fantastic.
  • Everett put a trap hold on Ariel and said “I learned this from my dad.” Andrew’s dad was one of the founders of OMEGA wrestling with the Hardy’s. That’ a nice little touch by Andrew.
  • He keeps in control of the match and says “Just like my dad.” Then goes for a shooting star press but gets caught in a pin. Dominguez wins.

And I’m Like… Ariel is a part of Team Filthy and the commentators say that’s the reason he won the match. All the training. This was a surprise upset because everything about the presentation of the match made it seem like it was another showcase match. Very well done. I am really enjoying this episode.

Recap of Teddy Hart winning the MLW World Middleweight Championship.

A promo for MLW Superfight where Low Ki defends his MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Tom Lawlor. 7 months in the making.

Konnan cuts a promo about how he will win the championship tonight. With no mention of Superfight. Meaning the placement for that hype video is so bad. All the intrigue for this title match is gone. We know Konnan loses, Low Ki is still champ. Huge mistake on MLW’s part. Why would they do this? I know you have to hype an upcoming show, but maybe wait a week? Or like don’t advertise the upcoming title match without adding the caveat that Konnan might win the belt and challenge Lawlor.

Tommy Dreamer cuts a promo about how Brian Pillman Jr. is on the fence about being a second generation legend or another Bruno Sammartino Jr. Tommy Dreamer talks about how disfigured and old he is. How he is gonna take down Pillman. It’s a pretty good promo. Best Dreamer promo I’ve heard in a while.

No Disqualification MLW Championship Match

Konnan vs. Low Ki (c) w/ Salina De La Renta

  • Before this match starts we get a build up of Low Ki vs. Tom Lawlor. This is some weird shit. I don’t understand why we are getting two Low Ki title feuds at once before both matches. They can’t make it any more obvious that Konnan is losing. Like all the hype is for Lawlor and Ki. It’s really frustrating trying to understand this.
  • Konnan comes out with a video package and some WYCLEFF!!! I absolutely love this song. Man, even if the match sucks I’m happy I got to hear that entrance song.
  • This match definitely has the best two entrance songs on MLW right now.
  • LOL!! Ricky Martinez is out at ringside even though we just heard he was suspended indefinitely without pay AND we saw him leave the arena. This is absolutely outrageous. It’s like MLW has no care in the world for the continuity in their show or this title match at all.
  • The introductions are very similar to boxing even with the ring announcer getting right behind the referee. That was fun.
  • Match starts with Low Ki taking the referee out, Konnan knocking out Low Ki and Ricky Martinez breaking up the pin, but it was a bit of a cluster. Konnan had the visual pin on Low Ki though.
  • For like a few weeks we heard about how Salina has expensive tastes and what brand dress she wears. That was dropped completely.. I wonder why.
  • Konnan already has a Tequilla Sunrise on Low Ki until Ricky Martinez showed up! Like why would MLW show us the ass slap video and Ricky leaving when he was so prominent in this match? Why is Konnan alone in this match when he has a roster of dudes that is on his side in this war? NOTHING MAKES SENSE IN THIS MATCH!!!!!
  • Low Ki is bleeding. The camera cuts to Konnan looking directly at Salina and nodding. Then Salina runs in and gets in Konnan’s face until Low Ki attacks from behind. MLW… y’all are editing this.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?! Like this should be a magical match and the moments are there, but with all the editing and inconsistency this looks like amateur hour.
  • Both men are bleeding as we wait for the inevitable Low Ki victory.
  • Hijo De L.A. Park is out.. It’s legit three on one and the ref just calls for the bell? It’s referee stoppage… This is all sorts of ridiculous.

And I’m Like… I’m supposed to be mad at Low Ki and company. Even with Low Ki openly stabbing Konnan in the kidneys with a nail file. Like, ok.. I would be but all the stupidness before the match and during the match really made me mad at MLW. Tom Lawlor comes out for the save but not Puma King or Lucha Bros. The camera cuts to the back to show us that Pentagon is knocked down in the back. That was the last image when it should be the first image we saw. I don’t get what anyone in charge was thinking. Konnan got curb stomped into a beer bottle, then stabbed in the kidney.. That should be what I am talking about but I can’t. Hopefully this is a one time error and the producers learn from there mistakes because this was atrocious.

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