MLW Fusion Recap: Christmas Day Special

Last week on MLW: I accidentally got really high and reviewed wrestling. It was quite the experience for me, could barely type. Hopefully it was quite the experience for you the reader. The Hart Foundation consisting of Davey Boy Smith Jr. (with a 102 degree temperature) and Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Barrington Hughes (with a 102 second limit for how long he can work a match) and Tommy Dreamer happened and the Hart Foundation won. MLW added subtitles to there non English promos. El Hijo De L.A. Park beat DJZ. Andrew Everette and Desmond Xavier had a match that I couldn’t even review because the high had peaked and I was so enthralled I couldn’t write down my thoughts. Tom Lawlor had a match with Simon Gotch where the ring had no ropes. The match had no heat because it was just a cover to build to Lawlor vs. Low Ki.c

Cold Open

The opening graphic for all MLW events has many clips from earlier in the century when they first were a wrestling promotion. It’s sad that those episodes aren’t up on YouTube.

Tony says MJF vs. Puma King in a flag match and PCO vs. Brody King in a “we are both going to ROH to be Marty Scrull’s minions” match.

No Disqualification

Brody King vs. PCO

  • ROH is one of my least favorite promotions, so I am gonna miss watching these two.
  • One thing people don’t talk about much when it comes to PCO is his haircut. Just atrocious. It’s like if a bowl cut met a starter mullet. The lack of sideburns and how high up the hairline is is what really does me in.
  • Big ups to MLW for keeping with Tony and Rich. The product is so much better when it’s these two. Sometimes I have to force myself to watch the show when the commentary team is different.
  • As both men brawl on the concrete, hitting DDT’s and setting up weapons. Rich tells us that PCO is 90% blind in one eye because as a kid he was shot by his friend. I love how absolutely fucking wild that story is and it’s said so nonchalantly.
  • PCO sets Brody on a table and then climbs up on a bit of a balcony to jump off of. Well Brody moved and PCO did a front flip and I AM THE TABLE! The damn tables in MLW never break, it’s like they are trying to get on Botchamania. PCO legit just frontflipped from 15 feet up onto concrete..
  • Then dudes just go back into the ring, these two are Dizzee Rascal Bonkers.
  • PCO is in the ring and chopping the shit out of Brody not minutes after that. Then King throws PCO into a safety rail for a nearfall. I wonder how King family reunions are. Brody and Puma both show up, they are probably the normal family members.
  • PCO just did a moonsault on the ref and tried to cover him. Brody doesn’t put up with that BS and hits a piledriver. Too bad there is no ref to count. MLW no disqualification matches are always bomb matches.
  • Brody sets up four chairs to create a platform but PCO chokeslams Brody into the chairs for the win.

And I’m Like… These dudes went all out and they did it quick! That was controlled chaos between two very large men. They will be sorrowfully missed here at MLW Fusion. Even with no story to tell these two put on a hell of a match.

MJF cuts a promo about how hard working American jobs are being stolen by Luchadors. Since its a flag match, it has to have some tinges of racisim. It’s weird that the heel is American. That goes to show how America looks in wrestling optics.

Ace Austin vs. Myron Reed

  • Ace Austin is one of my upcoming favorites. I’ve watched his indie work and am most impressed with his ability to incorporate magic into his wrestling act. I’ve always had an affinity with magic in wrestling. Really hope for big things out of Ace.
  • Myron is someone I’m not as familiar with but the crowd loves him. Myron has a swagger about him that makes him look like a bigger star from the get go.
  • Rich says “this is as pure as pro wrestling can get” which is modern speak for a “scientific wrestling match”. Meaning that it will be very technical and move based. Lots of catch as catch can stuff and counter wrestling. With these two I suspect some high spotty flips as well.
  • These two are very young but their wrestling is pretty smooth. Not playing to the crowd too much but at the same time they aren’t keeping much distance between eachother which creates a sense of urgency in the match.
  • After Ace hits a Fosbury Flop to the outside, he climbs to the top rope but Myron pushes Austin to the floor. Then Myron runs and does a suicide senton over the top turnbuckle which ignites the crowd. Rich asks for a replay but doesn’t get one.
  • Myron is known to have one of the most memorable spots of the year in each match he is in. Ace is the perfect opponent for Reed too. Both have the same type of style and know how to make each others moves work really well.
  • Since neither man has a defined finishing move that is well known to the audience, each nearfall off of a big move is that much more believable.
  • Austin goes for a springboard but misses a bit. It looked like a botch but Ace saved it into a pin attempt and Reed just sat down. It looked so damn real by how sloppy it was. I loved it.

And I’m Like… Absoluetly fantastic bout. This is the future of wrestling and it looks great. A bit of all wrestling styles done slower than most but crisp as hell. Even the screw ups look real and that is wonderful. Can’t put this match over enough.

MJF w/ Aria Blake vs. Puma King w/ Konnan

  • MJF’s music isn’t as abrasive in this arena but it still doesn’t fit his character. He should come out to some mumble-emo rap. Like something that sounds like Lil Peep or Blackbear. That is annoying and modern. I don’t know though, I’ll have to think about it more.
  • MLW is really the top lucha promotion in America right now. I don’t think they are advertised as that. Every main feud is lucha, every debuting star is lucha and the crowd are huge lucha fans. I like the direction the company is going, but if they are fusion. They should bring in some talent from around the world to be a true fusion of stars.
  • Puma King is sleeping on the top rope like some sort of lazy cat to the delight of the crowd. Puma then out wrestles MJF and flosses.. Which instantly makes me not a Puma fan. I don’t even floss my teeth in solidarity with my hatred of that damn dance.
  • MJF does a Fosbury Flop. When the move happened in the previous match Rich said it was the second time they saw the move. In this match Tony reacts like he has never seen nor heard of the move before. So either that move happened three times on one show, or the order of the card is different than the matches on the show.
  • I never realized that a flag match is no disqualification, but it is. Puma is grabbing for a chair and Konnan is getting involved.
  • Watching this match makes me miss MJF, he has only been injured for a month, but he brings a lot to wrestling in 2018. This show is loaded with so much talent, old and young, really makes you appreciate wrestling.
  • A strike battle takes place that leaves both men laying. Neither man has really gone for their flag. MJF did once but not after that.
  • MJF then attempts the flag grab just as I typed that but Puma King was quick to stop him. MJF pushes the ref into the ropes to make Puma King slip.
  • Puma is so damn charismatic. He is having so much fun in this match. Even forces a kiss on Aria before grabbing the Mexican flag for the win.

And I’m Like… Take the sexual assault out of there and that was a fun match. Don’t know why Puma had to force a kiss on Aria and then blow her kisses. Not really a babyface thing to do, especially as one of the first flag matches where America loses. This was a great episode and flew by so fast. Granted it was only a half hour long and had zero storyline or backstage segments. As a one off I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

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