Ashley Rose’s Wild 2019 Wrestling Predictions.

As 2018 comes to a close, everyone is chanting we want change. 2018, was an interesting year for wrestling. Some bad and some good. Some was history making.

All sites are making their predictions for wrestling. Some are possible and some are wishful thinking. In an industry that can be unpredictable, anything is possible.

Here are my predictions for 2019.

Drew McIntyre will defeat Brock Lesner and remain universal champion till 2020.
Bianca Blair will move up to Smackdown and appear in royal rumble
Mandy rose will get a huge push and become a #1 contender for Smack down women’s championship .
Asuka will retain till fall 2019.
Buddy Murphy will loose to Mike Kanellis with the help of Maria for the Cruiser Weight Title.
Buddy Murphy will be a contender for either US title or Intercontinental
Bayley and Sasha will be the 1st women’s tag champions but will loose quickly to Riot Squad.
Finn Balor will get a small push but will be wrestling less throughout the year causing him to leave WWE going back to njpw/roh or aew if aew is a real televised promotion in fall 2019.
Conor McGregor will appear in WWE with a small story line starting on raw or Wrestle Mania.
Lacey evens will dominate raw women’s division till Rhonda leaves
Rhonda will leave end of 2019 as champion or loosing to evens
Alexa bliss will not return to in ring competition till late summer 2019 but will not be women’s champion for sometime.
EC3 will remain mid card in 2019.
205 live might cease to exist and cruiser weight title will be on raw or Smackdown.
Sami Zayn will go back to Smackdown becoming US champion sometime in 2019.
The revival will leave WWE.
B team will pick up tag titles again.
Kenny omega will retain IWGP title will loose at the end of the year.
If AEW is announced they will start in late 2019 every Tuesday on TV.
The 4 horse women match , rival will be short may last 1 month leading to evolution 2019.
Impact will gain viewership with new network and will push tv rating system close to tv ma.
Chris Jericho may wrestle in 1 match at Impact and it will be a main event.
Daniel Bryan will defend against Aliester Black or Gargano.
Undisputed Era vs Attitude Era by 2019 undisputed will win finally retiring the remainder stars of the Attitude Era.
Managers will start making a return to the main roaster.
Tessa Blanchard Might switch brands and contract only to one company or may come to WWE and appear on Smackdown dominating that brand.
All members in bullet club in NJPW will carry titles at the same time at least once.
Flip Gordon will get at least 1 offer for NXT or will sign.
DIY will create a small faction in 2019 or will come to main roaster as a heel tag team and will change the tag team game on the main roaster.
Dana Brooke will join a tag team
Heath Slater will appear more on tv.
Becky Lynch will move to raw or may face at least 1 male opponent.
Natalia will win queen of the ring.

Bella Twins will return one time to challenge or be in women’s tag team tournament.

Nia Jax will appear less on TV.

Elias will hold a title by end of 2019.

These are just my predictions and ideas of what I think 2019 is going to look like.

What are your predictions? Please let us know on Twitter @bodyslamnet.

I am Ashley Rose on signing out.