MLW Fusion Recap Episode 30: Daga vs. Low Ki, MJF vs. Cade vs. Yuta, Myron Reed vs. Marko Stunt

Last week on MLW Fusion: Puma King won a quick match with a top rope powerbomb. There was a promo parade that was hyping MLW’s next big event FightLand. Brody King beat someone who commentary pitched as old and past his prime. Marko Stunt showed up and showed out in his tag match loss against the Hart Dynasty.

Cold Open

We get a narration of Salina De La Renta and her feud against Konnan. How both managers are bringing in lucha wrestlers into the war. Leading to tonight’s match. Daga vs. Low Ki. If you pay attention to MLW, you’ll know that when these tapings happened that this match is one of the most controversial matches in MLW history.

Striker and Schiavone also mention that there is a middleweight championship match tonight too.

Myron Reed vs. Marko Stunt

  • Stunt comes out to chants of “Marko”.
  • Marko and Myron do some back and forth counter wrestling. That ends with Marko talking to the crowd claiming “I’m gonna suplex him.”
  • Marko did not suplex Reed and preceded to get kicked in the head.
  • Marko did a tornado snapmare type thing followed by a few dropkicks and it really highlights ho green Stunt is. Can’t wait to watch his stuff five years from now. He is already so entertaining already.
  • Stunt’s eyes say so much when he wrestles too. After a nearfall, Stunt barely moves his face but you can read the disappointment in his eyes. Then you see an idea spark by how big his eyes get. He asks the crowd for a suplex.
  • Marko already tried the suplex once, setting us up as fans for something we want to see. Going back later in the match to ask for it again got the crowd to chant “suplex”. That is tremendous.
  • Marko lifts Reed up this time but Reed counters it into a cutter. Followed by a ramp running jumping over the top rope cutter for two.
  • These men battle back and forth hitting bigger and bigger moves until Myron is able to get the win with a sunsetfilp pin reversal.

And I’m Like… Both these wrestlers are growing. There were bits in the match where the crowd was waiting to see something or cheer something but they barely reacted. At the end of the match though? These guys put it all out there and had people popping, including myself. Very good stuff.

MJF cuts a promo at a signing and supposedly Shane Strickland didn’t show up. MJF said he cares about the kids, unlike Shane Strickland. Then MJF calls a kid a mouth breather and charges $20 for an autograph. The kid couldn’t pay and MJF called him a loser.

Low Ki cut his RPG PS2 voiceover promo.

Sami Callihan cut a promo about how being clean shaven makes him more aerodynamic. Callihan says everyone he has come across has either left MLW or became a shell of there former selves. Sami is now a mercenary for hire. He has a Street Fight against Tom Lawlor.

And I’m Like… Sami had the best promo of the bunch. MJF did well too but that kid in that video was trash. Which to be honest, the kid did way better than I ever would have done.

MLW Middleweight Championship 

Jason Cade vs. Jimmy Yuta vs. MJF (c) w/ Aria Blake

  • Jason Cade has a great entrance song with lyrics that talk about himself. Jimmy Yuta comes out to a pretty good song too. MJF’s though, it doesn’t fit his character at all. Some synthy bass with like ambient tones and drums? That doesn’t really fit his entrance motions or attitude.
  • Jason Cade gets announced and walks right into Jimmy Yuta’s face.
  • MJF feels like the third wheel in this match and he is the champion. This whole middleweight feud is about Cade and Yuta’s dissolution of their friendship.
  • MJF gets the whole crowd to boo him rather easily though. Meaning his character is strong enough to be third wheeled and still shine.
  • Yuta and Cade go right at each other and MJF wrestles his character by staying out of hit. “No one here wants to see me get beaten up” he yells at the crowd while staying far away from Cade and Yuta.
  • Yuta finally gets the advantage in the match over Cade and MJF tries to attack Jimmy. Yuta counters but Cade and MJF have decided to team up to take Yuta out. Cade because he wants to hurt Yuta and he can’t see through his hatred. MJF because he is trying for every advantage he can to win the match.
  • A funny bit happens when Cade and MJF go for a handshake. Cade goes to bump fists and MJF goes to shake hands. They stop and try again but with the roles reversed and decide to just give up on congratulating themselves.
  • Of course MJF punched Cade in the face because Yuta ducked and that set the wheels in motion for the actual triple threat.
  • Cade kicked Yuta when Jimmy was on the top rope and then Jason yelled “right in the asshole.” to the joy of the crowd. That was good but I’m supposed to boo Cade, not laugh with him.
  • A yay/boo/boo spot happens with all three of them at the same time.
  • It’s interesting to hear Tony’s reaction to a typical indie wrestling spot. MJF yells out “STOP” and all men stop punching each other. Tony says “I don’t know why’d they do that.” Which is true. If you are fighting two other people, and one yells stop, you totally wouldn’t stop.
  • Yuta went to pin MJF and Cade stopped the attempt but Jimmy reversed Cade and got the pin. Jason Cade is eliminated and now it’s down to two.
  • Aria Blake distracted the referee while Cade low blowed Yuta, setting up MJF to get the pin to retain the title.

And I’m Like… I’m glad that wasn’t the end point in the Yuta/Cade rivalry. MJF kept the belt which means we get two separate storylines out of this. The match was fun too! Really good stuff all around.

Kevin Sullivan calls in to talk about his concussion that he received by Pillman Jr.’s cane shot to Kevin’s head. Sullivan said he still thinks Pillman Jr. shouldn’t hang out with The Hart Dynasty. Sullivan told Brian that he must stop Pillman Jr. and that it will pain Kevin to do it. Brian is too much like his father and Sullivan needs to end it.

Konnan has a promo about how Daga wasn’t even in MLW two weeks ago. Now he is debuting in a World Championship match. Konnan says Low Ki would have lost to Fenix if it wasn’t for Salina, so now he will be at ringside to make sure she doesn’t get involved.

Never Say Never event hype. Rush vs. MJF. Zero Hour event hype. Four Way Ladder Match with MJF, Jason Cade, Kotto Brazil and Marko Stunt for the Middleweight Championship.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Daga w/ Konnan vs. Low Ki (c) w/ Salina De La Renta

  • Matt Striker says Daga wrestles “Lucha Strong Style” and when Tony asks Striker to elaborate and then Low Ki’s music has dogs barking loudly and it drowns out the explanation. Kinda liked it.
  • The New York State Athletic Commission got more boo’s than Low Ki during the introductions.
  • Low Ki did get two streamers thrown into the ring though.
  • Some beautiful chain wrestling happened to start this match. Had me mesmerized by how authentic it looked.
  • Low Ki starting the brawling portion of the match and Daga isn’t getting many offensive moves in.
  • Striker mimics Low Ki’s breathing into the microphone and then there is silence for twenty seconds. Weird shit.
  • A chop battle ensues from the inside of the ring to the outside of the ring. Low Ki bodyslams Dagga on the small amount of padding outside of the ring. Daga just getting beat from pillar to post.
  • Gross ass dropkick from Low Ki into Daga’s head right into the guardrail. Low Ki has a sinister grin on and brings Daga in for a pin attempt. Only gets one.
  • Daga initiates a strike battle and both men are breathing heavily.
  • Once again they fight to the outside and Daga lands a suplex onto Low Ki. Nice to see that everything Ki dished out Daga is finding a way to pay him back. Except for that kick into the guard rail.
  • Low Ki hurt the inside of his right thigh earlier in the match when Daga fell backwards onto Ki. Low Ki keeps pointing at it to the ref while commentary theorize if Low Ki “ruptured a muscle”
  • And then it happened….. The referee is distracted when Ricky walks over and gets in Konnan’s face. Daga tries to get the referees attention. Low Ki comes behind Daga and grabs at Daga’s cauliflower ear and rips it open! Daga is on the floor screaming as blood is puddling in the ring. Low Ki hits a double stomp and wins the match and leaves as Daga rolls around screaming and bleeding. Daga took to social media after this making everyone think this was real. People were up in arms and asking MLW to not have Low Ki wrestle for them anymore. MLW said they would investigate the matter. Since then nothing has been done and Low Ki is still booked on the shows.

And I’m Like… That was gross as hell and made a lot of people mad. Work or shoot it makes people not like Low Ki at all. He is a heel through and through. He is a shoot dick that has been known to hurt people and cuts the cheesiest promos. So good job MLW. Sadly good job Low Ki. I just can’t stand the fucker.

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