JBL Appears On FOX Business This Morning And Defends WWE’s Relationship With Saudi Arabia & Holding Crown Jewel In The Kingdom

Former WWE World Champion John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) made an appearance this morning on FOX Business to address the issue of WWE’s business relationship with Saudi Arabia and the growing concerns over the company holding their upcoming Crown Jewel PPV event in the country next month.

As you may know, WWE is in the early stages of a ten-year contract with the Saudi Arabian Government which will see the company hold two huge ppv events there a year. WWE held the first of two events in Saudi Arabia this year back in April when the company presented “The Greatest Royal Rumble”. Since then concerns have mounted after recent news of Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s apparent kidnapping and murder that was part of is now being said to be an interrogation by Saudi Officials that went wrong.

JBL appeared on FOX Business this morning to discuss the backlash WWE has been receiving for their relationship with Saudi Arabia in the wake of Khashoggi’s apparent murder in which Saudi Officials are said to be responsible for. JBL explained the lengths in which WWE has gone to “expand and bring societal change”. JBL also stated that WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia is a good thing, and that it could potentially bring change to the country.

Regarding WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and the upcoming Crown Jewel event, JBL said:

“From what I understand, yes. The idea is that WWE is gonna go there. Right now their official line is that they’re monitoring the situation. My personal opinion is that they should go. I think the only way you promote change- look what we did with Cuba. You isolate a country, all you do is impoverish that country. You wanna promote change? WWE went to Abu Dhabi and did the first women’s match that had ever happened in the Middle East. The crowd was chanting in English ‘this is change.’ For these senators to come out and bash the WWE on this- I’ve spent seven Christmases in Iraq and Afganistan with the WWE. I was with the WWE- the first group to go down and visit the Twin Towers while they were still burning and bodies [were] being pulled out. We were the first group on 9/13 to have a mass gathering right after 9/11. People didn’t know what was going to happen. For these guys to hide behind their patriotism and their show flag-waving, to me, I think is to try and improve their abysmal approval ratings, to me is wrong. WWE has been at the forefront of change, and you want to change Saudi Arabia? You send something like WWE there.”

You can see Bradshaw’s appearance on FOX Business this morning in a tweet shared by Deadspin contributor David Bixenspan below.

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